Very Light Jet Market

Extremely light jet market

However, there are several excellent light nozzles on the market today. The market for light aircraft is still lagging behind. New light aircrafts are still lagging behind, albeit with a few remarkable exemptions. HondaJet is the most widely shipped jet in its class for the first half of 2017, with 24 shipments in the cycle, according to GAMA figures. Said the firm said it planned to supply between 50 and 55 planes next year from its factory in Greensboro, North Carolina, where jobs have risen to 1,800.

Approximately 100 planes remain on order. Hongda reported that the HA-420 has found a beloved following among fractal owner organisations and charters. Located on the Isle of Man, HondaJet Airport is a UK and European branded hybride Fractional Property Programme offering services in the UK and Europe. Two more HondaJet companies in Europe join HondaJet flyer.

The European Aero Training Institute Strasbourg (EATIS), a flying school based in Strasbourg, France, will start a HondaJet with an Air Operator Certificate this year. In addition, HondaJets can be leased through the company's US dealership chain through businesses such as HondaJet Northwest (Salt Lake City) and HondaJet Southwest (Phoenix).

HondaJet spokesperson said the plane, supplied on paper, flies 80 hrs a year. Epraer also continued its robust Phenom 300 delivery, of which 20 were GAMA compliant in the first half of 2017. "The Phenom 300 2017 is expected to again dominate the general cargo market with over 60 vehicles in 2017," Rollie Vincent, JetNet iQ's General Manager, said to AIN.

"The Embraer business is trending towards a very robust 4th fiscal year, delivering 25 Phenom 300 in the 4th fiscal year 2016. "Although it is more challenging to predict HondaJet's delivery at this early phase of the aircraft's story, he said: "We believe Honda will end the year somewhere around the 3 mark. Five planes per capita or 42 consignments.

" The Embraer Executive Jets delivered the 600th Phenom 300 on March 31 of this year. First Phenom 300 came off the line in December 2009 All Phenom are now installed at the company's Melbourne, Florida plant. Phenom 300 has established itself among fractal owner programmes and charterers around the world.

The Textron Aviation division Cessna will continue to supply light aircraft, but at the beginning of the year the company decided to reduce its range of products from four to three and to drop the Citation Mustang. With the exception of the Mustang, in the first six month of the year Textron supplied 36 light nozzles distributed over three models: M2, CJ3+ and CJ4.

In the first six month of the year, One Aviation shipped four Eclipse 550 and is working on the development of the successor Eclipse 700 with increased cruising distance and a wider cab. EA700's first test plane completed its maiden voyage on September 1. At the bottom end of the scale, Cirrus said this summers that it would increase the output of its SF50 Vision Jet from $1.96 million to one per weekly unit.

Last October, Cirrus received FAA approval for its Vision Jet singleship. Cirrus Chairman of the Cirrus, Pat Waddick, said the company was aware of the need for low supply rates to ripen it. "We would like to bring many aircraft onto the market, but we need to keep our output up.

At the moment, planes are flying very quietly. The methodical passing through of the processes finally leads us to the higher [production] rates at the desired levels of excellence and the desired levels of effectiveness. We focus on showing steadiness at the pace we define and are prepared to move on to the next one.

" Mr Waddick said Cirrus plans to increase jet output to two per week by the beginning of next year. More than 600 Vision Jets have been ordered by Cirrus. It has already budgeted the extra manufacturing capacities. During the first three months of this year, it opened a new 70,000 square meter painting and refining plant at its Duluth, Minnesota airframe manufacturing plant.

Cirrus' Vision Center in Knoxville, Tennessee, has released extra floor area in Duluth. Mr. Waddick said that the corporation is planning to introduce a second layer on the jet line and more off-shift work to cope with higher jet output levels. Six month ago the Vision Center opened its four buildings on a new site.

There is a full movement animator for the Vision Jet. Whilst there are single light points within the new light jet market, JetNet iQ's Vincent thinks that the type of customers typically associated with the light jet market - mainly ownership Pilots and small firm Owners - means that it is likely to be recovering more slowly than the commercial jet market as a whole.

It also believes that there may be an abundance of current available options and that there will be much more reluctance on the part of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to develop new light jet types than in the case of mid- or large-cabinjets.

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