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Find out which events attract the largest number of private jets. This is the world's best networked search and booking platform for charter aircraft and private jets. Offers for business jets and turboprop aircraft. Flight records of many private jets are not published publicly. You can compare offers with a simple search.

Browse our empty legs search engine for up to 75% discount on private jet travel.

When you are agile in terms of schedules and schedules, or willing to make a last-minute deals, empty leg private jet trips at much lower costs. Privately chartered planes are often one-sided, so planes can fly a long distance without a passenger. However, jet charters are offering these "empty stages" at up to 75% less than the default rates.

The private jet charters save a lot of valuable times and offer full versatility. Instead of having to queue endlessly in safety, get there 15 min before your flight departs, clear the private safety check and await in an executive suite in a private jet airliner. Personal aircraft can often use smaller, better situated airfields around the globe to bring you nearer to your goal.

If you are renting an empty plane, rent the whole plane, i.e. if 1 or 6 persons are traveling, the fare is the fare for the whole plane and not per seat/passenger. Void cross country services are also part of the ongoing basic charters.


The customer has introduced a new service that allows travellers to travel on private jets at the same fare as a First or Business Classic business jet, but without the expense of traffic jams and member dues. Show business and first-class travelers that private travel with a new private jet search machine is not out of range.

Bookings and related merchandising should alter people's perceptions that private travel is too costly and unreachable.

Flughafen - How does a private jet check luggage and safety?

In private air travel, the safety of the air journey is the sole prerogative of the air transport company, which usually means that the crews carry out every "search" of the passenger. Usually when you're in a private plane, you're a known size: Odds are both that the passenger has already hit the pilot before, and neither they nor their guest are likely to attempt to abduct the plane, so there is no need for TSA-style raids and seizure of the 30-year-old Glenlivet flask they took with them to divide on the plane.

Similar to the situation with charters, the people who rent the airplane will have talked at length to the airline to organize the trip. Levels of safety for the actual airports themselves varies from airports (and that's what usually decides whether or not you can get to the plane). Let us look at three instances (for the purposes of a jailer' s footprint we call them maximal safety, average safety and minimal safety):

The " big " airfields (such as JFK or O'Hare) would be a high-security airfield - at these airfields it is possible that you will not drive your limousine or your vehicle onto the loading bay to get on your airplane. parking (or being set down) "landside" (outside the terminal fence/operating area), and authorised personnel take your bag with them and accompany you to and from the flight.

Intermediate-sized airport facilities are usually the major areas of general aviation and/or the minor areas of business operations. When your plane is stationed at one of these aerodromes, you usually have relatively unhindered airport entry (with some limitations, such as the need for a background scan and ID).

Usually you can go out onto the loading bay and directly into the plane. When you are not stationed in the fields (e.g. on the way back from a bus trip), you may be able to go out on the runway with an Escort from someone at the terminal who is authorised to do so, but the flight crews and passenger will be under some kind of surveillance (either directly accompanied or visually observed) by the staff at the terminal.

Minimal safety airfields are more associated with General Air Transport than with corporate aircraft, although private aircraft can be found in some of these areas. Safety at these aerodromes is usually much more relaxing, and most of them just log in and go through a door directly to the dock.

It' s commonly accepted that a passenger is usually accompanied by skilled staff on these areas (after all, you don't want them to go into a prop or be drawn into a jet inlet), but monitoring is likely to be done by your air crews and not by air traffic control people.

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