Malaysia Airport Taxi Service

Airport Malaysia Taxi Service

Taxi Airport - Checking the Malaysian Airport Taxi, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia A clever way to get to town when you travel as a couple. Take the normal taxi and it can be between 70 and 90 liters (RGT) to the downtown area. Taxi services are usually provided by Malays, Chinese and Tamils. Another way to get to the town is to take the airport shuttle (10 seats each), which will drop you off at KL Sentral and take a taxi from there for 20 - 30 seats.

Platoon, Crimson Taxi or Crimson Taxi? Practise A$ 16 each quickly and efficiently, but need an extra transfer to your accommodation. Taxi fare is 27 A$ for 48 km or 28 miles to your local resort. Blaue cabins are measured and localizable according to the terminalsigns. Chauffeur service or a luxury taxi will cost about 65 A$.

Schedule an hours check-in for Malaysian flight. Stop pocket falls out exactly 1h. One of the world' s toughest airports, this one can beat LA well. You ever been to the Malaysian Airport Taxi?

Hints To Prevent Kuala Lumpur Taxi Fraud And Know The Difference Between Budget & Executive Taxis - Singapore Travel Blog

Taxi travel through Kuala Lumpur can be a very comfortable and inexpensive alternative (especially if you are traveling in a group of 2-3 people) as long as you are traveling with a cheap taxi that will calculate the measured fares for you. Unfortunately the taxi pleasure in Kuala Lumpur is a big success and will not succeed, as the cabs in Kuala Lumpur are known for their refusal to turn on their taximeters and are highly likely to demand a lump sum to get you to your final destinations.

The taxi ride during our last journey to Kuala Lumpur was relatively enjoyable - of the 6 taxi tours, 2 were set voucher rates (more later), 3 were measured rates and only 1 tried to offer us a package (which we declined and the taxi rider finally accepted to turn on the counter).

Once you have an understanding of how the taxi business works and the way taxi fares are differentiated and some advice to make sure you get a reasonable taxi fare, you should make sure your taxi journey around Kuala Lumpur is quite smoothly. I' ll try to divide some of my experiences in this article.

Let us begin with the airport taxi, because there most humans will begin first their taxi pleasure in Kuala Lumpur. Kuala Lumpur can be reached more cheaply from Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) or from the Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT), e.g. KLIA Express (KLIA Ekspres) can take you from KLIA to KL Sentral in 28 min, easy for RM35.

If you are traveling in a group of 2-3 people, however, it may be more convenient to take a taxi to your Kuala Lumpur location (if you buy a voucher at the airport taxi voucher counter). The Airport Taxi Contract Offer counters are situated in the Airport Taxi Terminal (LCCT) immediately after clearance - you can't miss it - look at the stand shown in the image below (note that this information is correct from 26 January 2014; the stand is likely to be changed when closing the terminal and replacing it with KLIA 2).

I think for KLIA there will be a similar airport taxi coupon counter right after you have passed it. Let the personnel know where your destinations are and how many persons and baggage there are, and they will give you a rate. When you have a group of 2-3 persons with 1-2 large bags, ask for a cheap taxi.

When you have more persons or baggage, the personnel may have to take the larger premium taxi (which is more costly - also known as an export taxi). A third type of taxi is the Familientaxi, which can take 6 persons. As soon as you have payed the personnel at the airport taxi voucher desk, you will receive the voucher as shown below, clearly indicating your point of arrival and the amount you have used.

There' s no need to tip the taxi rider again - unless you want to tip the rider (there is no tip policy here in Malaysia, so it's up to you). Drivers rip off part of the voucher to log the ride. Thirty minutes from Kuala Lumpur LCCT to the Grand Millennium Hotel in Bukit Bintang (in the centre of the town of Kuala Lumpur).

So if you have a group of 2-3 people, it's not a good idea to take the KLIA Express (which would take RM 105 for 3 people) and the KLIA Express will only take you to KL Sentral, where you'll need to take either local transportation or a taxi to your final destination. KLIA Express will take you to your final destinations.

As soon as you have purchased your voucher at BCCT, go in the direction of MacDonalds and there will be a long line of cabs - take the middle lane as indicated by the arrows in the image below and show your voucher to the first taxi in the line. Disregard all taxi outs that hang around the area.

A number of such authorized taxi voucher offices exist within the town of Kuala Lumpur, e.g. at KL Sentral (Central Station), but please be aware that they may levy a handling fee, so it may be more costly for you to buy the voucher than to take a taxi with a measured ticket price to your final destination. Please contact your local taxi office for details.

Travelers had also pointed out in some tourist fora that there are some taxi voucher desks in KL Sentral which levy different charges. At least you buy a reassuring feeling with the voucher - and save yourself the trouble of having to bargain with the ruthless taxi driver and still be overpriced.

The service is also useful if you travel by taxi to places outside the town of Kuala Lumpur, e.g. Batu Caves. We took a taxi from the Grand Millennium Hotel (in Bukit Bintang) to the Batu Caves for about RM22 (measured price for a cheap taxi) for more information. Taxis are available in two types in Kuala Lumpur, regular taxis (also known as budgets ) and executives.

I' ve been discussing budgetary cabs - budgetary cabs are actually limousines (or limousines in British English); we see the usual comfort/citycab cabs in Singapore. This is called a household taxi because it is the cheapest taxi in comparison to police ones (in relation to the price of the flag) - but it is just as quick and convenient as police ones (but more restricted in relation to passenger and baggage capacity).

The following figure shows an example of a default taxi (budget). Pricelist below shows the measured fares by distances and surcharges for tolls and transfer to the airport. That' if you're fortunate enough to get a cabbie to agree to turn on the counter.

If you can get a taxi, let the taxi attend ant know your location and he could give you a package of perhaps RM 10 to RM 20 (sometimes much more) if you travel within the town of Kuala Lumpur. Simply do not get into the taxi until you are sure that the taxi attendant is turning on the counter, or you have arranged a fare with the taxi attendant.

Below is a photo of what an export taxi looks like - the price of the flags is twice as high as that of the regular taxi (budget) and the price per kilometer is also twice as high as that of the regular taxi, so even with measured rates, driving this taxi can be quite high. I' ve never tried this feature before, but I have seen that you can save your taxi by using Kuala Lumpur taxi reservation applications like "Easy Taxi" or "MyTeksi".

You can also use the applications to call the drivers directly and apparently follow them on a card in real tim. All this effort to find a taxi that agreed to use its taximeters had produced an interesting branch. In Berjaya Times Square we meet this taxi line, which will guarantee you taxi's, but only if you give them a service charge of RM 2, so that your entire taxi rate + RM 2 will be charged. You just need to buy RM 2 at a local ticket office, which will give you a voucher.

Doesn't really make any difference what your goal is. You' ll get a voucher that you can show to the taxi driver waving in a taxi for you - interesting is that all cabs in this line are law enforcement, so you' re expecting pretty high fees.

While I like the notion of a large retail center like Berjaya Times Square that approves the deployment of such a service (it seems a somewhat questionable practice), at least you buy a little quiet for a pretty small price. A thing to keep in mind (as indicated in the sign above) is that if the taxi finally declines to use the metre, you can only lodge a complaint with the Land Public Transport Commission - apparently the desk is not to blame if that happens - somehow nullifying the whole point of offering this service.

In order to return to the NCCT, we have reserved a taxi through this website - for RM 74 - the price indicated on the website for a taxi from Bukit Bintang (where the Grand Millennium Hotel is located) to NCCT. Well, I set up the cab around 10:00 in the mornings. 30 o'clock and I got a reservation acknowledgement until 12 o'clock (after a few back and forth movements from Whatsapp about the pickup details).

My taxi got there on schedule and I payed 74 RM on arriving at the LCCT. You can find many other similar taxi reservation sites by performing a Google look. While I cannot ensure the accuracy of the taxi reservation website I have listed above, I had a good track record during the period when I drove to the airport with your taxi service.

No matter how you protect your cabs - from voucher desks, taxi lines, taxi booking apps, taxi reservation sites - there will always be an unconscionable taxi operator who doesn't follow the book, so don't be smug and use your sanity when taking cabs abroad, especially when traveling alone.

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