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This is the only change made to MacBook Air in recent years. Also, there are no updates for MacBook or MacBook Air. MacBook 2018 Best - A Guide for Apple Laptop Computers

MacBook has updated its Apple product line with two new high performance MacBook series. New 13-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar and 15-inch MacBook Pro features fast 8th-generation core processing, the quickest ever Sony branded hard drives and latest graphic enhancements. You' ll also get a True Tone screen for more lifelike colours and Hey, Siri assistance.

However, Apple's older MacBooks are definitely a good idea to consider if you don't have at least $1,799 for your next one. The 12-inch MacBook, for example, at $1,299, is still a very good ultra-portable as long as you can survive with its lonely USB-C connection. When you need a larger display, the standard 13-inch MacBook Pro without touch bar is a good choice, offering more power than the 12-inch MacBook.

Ageing MacBook Air is much more difficult to recommended today than it was a few years ago, as you get a low-resolution screen and an older 5th-generation Core 5 CPU. At $999, the Air is relatively inexpensive, and has a sharper keypad and more connectors than the newer ones, but we suggest you wait for rumors about Apple's update.

These are the best MacBooks for your cash. From 2017, the standard 13-inch MacBook Pro is still the best all-round notebook in Apple's portfolio. That' s because you get a fairly quick 7th-generation Core 5 CPU, a light and colourful 13-inch screen and two Thunderbolt 3 slots at a decent $1,299 rate.

You' ll miss the touch bar and quiet keypad of the newer version, but this system took a good 9 hrs 50 min in our test. MacBook Pro, the faster new 13-inch touchbar, only held 8.5 hrs in our test. The new 13-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar is an essential accessory thanks to its 8th-generation quad-core core IntelĀ® i5 processor.

We' ve tried the Core i7 setup with a Core i7 processor, 16GB random access memory and 256GB SSD, but you should get a lot of boost from the initial $1,799 setup. Further features are four Thunderbolt 4 sockets, a new True Tone screen and Hey Siri for Apple wizard invocation without touch.

No matter if you are a professional with a heavy load, a professional photographer, a developer or a professional working with a large amount of software, the new 15-inch MacBook Professional should be able to work with it easily. Choose a 6-core Core e9 that has met our benchmark, which includes our sophisticated 4K test for advanced graphics.

And the 15-inch MacBook Pro has graphic performance with up to an AMD Radeon 560X GPU. And last but not least, the 15-inch Pro can do almost all of its work with one load, as the system has achieved a great test score of 10 hrs and 20 mins. Thick 52-inch, the 12-inch MacBook is so light and thin that you hardly even realize it's in your pocket, but that's a look you want to show off.

This ultra-portable Apple is available in four colours, among them rose gold, space gray, gold and silver. With its Core MP3 processors, the startup setup provides a good amount of power, but if possible, we would switch to the Core 5 I/Os. You also get 8GBAM and 256GBdefault along with a crisp retina display, but there's only one USB-C connector and it doesn't supports Thunderbolt 3 for the quickest speed.

Apple may find it ridiculous to keep the old MacBook Air here, but it has some merits over its newer brothers. MacBook Air also has an enormous rechargeable capacity as it took 10hrs and 26 min during our rechargeable test. All you have to do is be ready to make some sacrifices to get a MacBook that good value.

Air has an older Intel Core Prozessor of the fifth regeneration and a low resolution screen.

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