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Is there a taxi outside the airport? At the end of this month we will arrive in EZE and have to drive to our hotel and to the AEP airport. What is the cost of a taxi from Ezeiza International Airport (EZE) in Buenos Aires, Argentina? Do you want a transport from Eze to Nice? Do you book a taxi from Eze to Nice or do you book a transfer from Nice airport to Eze?

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EZE taxi? EZE's trip to the city seems to be more costly than returning to EZE. Previously the Remis or Taxi Ezeiza firms gave a coupon to Ezeiza for the refund, but now I don't think you need it at all. Rates differ slightly from time to time.... but you can see the rates outside the draw/taxi cabs before you make up your mind which one to take.

The $180 peso was the Palermo V.I.P. fee last weekend, and the other service charges hardly differed from this fee.

On the best option too and by EZE - Review by Taxi Ezeiza, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Ezeiza TAxi to and from the airports. The EZE taxi drivers are always courteous. No, and when you get there, you'll have to spend 15/20 on one. Arriving at the airfield and leaving the arrivals hall to avoid offering an offical taxi, he went to the stand with the inscription "offical taxi".

Within 5 min a rider came along and accompanied us to his truck. It is very simple to use and saves the effort of using another taxi company. Visit their website and you can reserve a limousine with the number of passenger and the number of pieces of baggage, but you will have to make your payment on arrival.

Taking about an hours to pass cleared clearance, pick up your baggage and pass it through the scanners. Everybody puts their baggage through the scan. Once you are at the capital airfield, you will see a large blue-white booth on which taxi Ezeiza stands. When you have booked in advance, your name will appear on a plaque if not in line.

The taxi chauffeur was dependable and it is great to know the precise cost of the taxi trip. Cars from the airports to the hotels Palamericano were quick and bypassed the city. Drivers like him, although he didn't know much English. Did you see Taxi Ezeiza?

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