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Sale of Private Jet Tickets

Flights, Prices and Planes for Rent by Little Rock Private Jet Charter When you think about going to Little Rock, you have over 17 options within a 50 miles drive of the town. Adams Field International Airports (LIT), North Little Rock Muni International Airlines (1M1) and Little Rock Afb International Airlines (LRF) are the main private aviation destinations. Among the most frequently chartersd aircraft in the region are turboprops (King Air B100, King Air B200 and JetStream 32), very lightweight aircraft (Phenom 100, Çitation Stallion), lightweight aircraft (Learjet 35, Çitation II, Çitation 5 and Çitation 5 Ultra), medium sized aircraft (Learjet 45, Çitation XLS, Çitation Excel) and large aircraft (Gulfstream IV-SP, Falcon 2000EX and Legacy 600).

Also we can browse hundred of one-way and empty range charters depending on your private jet needs. Call us today at 877-727-2538 and one of our private aircraft experts will be glad to help you with any questions you may have about your jet charters. Little Rock, Arkansas' state owned and operated company, is the state, business, law, commercial as well as culture centre of the state.

Arkansas is home to some of the best archaeological sites in Arkansas, such as the Arkansas Art Center, Old State House Museum, Museum of Discovery, Historic Arkansas Museum and the MacArthur Museum of Arkansas Military History. Travelling to Little Rock is not completed without a fully conducted visit to the Arkansas State Capitol, the William J. Clinton Presidential Center and Park or the Arkansas River Trail.

What do you do on a $109 private jet?

Accessible travelling by private jet? It is the way into the distant future, when the Californian JetSuite has something to say. This private jet carrier has created a value market for itself and is now going one better by introducing an exclusive but regular planned jet suite X calling from $109 per leg.

Ticket sales this weekend are on (and its app), with working day departures on April 19 between L.A.'s Burbank and Contra Costa Country near San Francisco. It will use terminal facilities at all aerodromes that are normally reserved for private traffic, which, the airline says, means free from congested terminal areas and long TSA routes (although clients will continue to be subjected to safety checks).

Travellers also receive points that they can spend on JetBlue through a relationship between the two airlines - no wonder, as JetSuite CEO Alex Wilcox was one of JetBlue's first staff members. Says his goal with JetSuiteX, which is technologically a publicly owned charters company, is to combine the advantages of private aviation with the savings of bigger aircraft.

"It'?s a private jet adventure for the cost of a plane seat," he says. In contrast to the smaller aircraft he uses for charter - four-seater Phenoms and six-seater CJ3 - the firm acquires its own Embraer E135 jet fleets for 30 passengers compared to 37 in a default outfit. It' a private jet adventure for the cost of a plane seat. Mm.

" His JetSuite expertise has allowed him to take a closer look at the possible need for faster flight times, especially as the burden of business aviation is reduced. "We' ve been looking at some short-haul California stores where air travel is high, and we' ve found that while air travel has increased nationally, there are fewer air travelers in these (smaller) stores every year," he says, putting the decline down to "higher cost and less comfort" caused by sector consolidations.

He says OSJ Charter has also unveiled the potentials of some market segments that major carriers have been overlooking. "We' ve been going to Bozeman for members of the Yellowstone Club for some time now," he says. He hopes to tap the full capacity of smaller aerodromes that are particularly suitable for general air traffic or commuting.

"He joked that my favourite aerodromes are those where a 737 can't touch down. JetSuite itself will not be affected by the inclusion of this new unit, he added - they will even work together as the total aircraft capacity of the JetSuite can be chartered at around $8,000 per hour or $300 per year.

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