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The Seattle-Tacoma International Airport Terminal Information - Seattle Tacoma SEA International Airport Guide The Tacoma International Airport has one major airport (with four concours) and two satellite facilities. Every establishment operates several airline companies and a large number of destination and provides a wide range of restaurant, bar, kiosk and shop facilities. This is the most concentrated major traffic area. Tacoma International Airport, American Airlines, ATA, China Airlines, Delta Airlines, Frontier Airlines, Hawaiians Airlines, and Sun Country Airlines, serveuses de lit à l'aéroport international de Seattle - Die Halle A (Main Terminal) des Tacoma.

Tacoma International Airport (Terminal principal) de Seattle - Der Concourse B (Terminal principal) des Tacoma International Airport bedient America West Airlines, Charter Airlines, Continental Airlines, Horizon Air et Southwest Airlines. The Seattle-Tacoma International Airport Concourse C (Main Terminal) bedient Alaska Airlines, Charter Airlines und Horizon Air. The Seattle-Tacoma International Airport South Satellite bedient Aeroflot Airlines, Air Mobility Command, Asiana Airlines, British Airways, Charter Airlines, China Airlines, Eva Air, Northwest Airlines, Scandinavian Airlines et World Airways.

The Seattle-Tacoma International Airport North Satellite bedient Air Canada, JetBlue Airways, United Airlines et US Airways. Buyers looking for the best price will find tax-free stores on Concours A and C and on the North and South Sites. There is a large selection of stores throughout the entire airport in the Concours and on the satellite.

Soak up the diversity of food available to travellers who arrive at Seattle-Tacoma International Airports. Some of the best places to eat and drink at the Grove are The Grove, Africa Lounge, Burger King, Pizza Hut Express, The Edge Sports Bar, Runway Deli, Sports Page Pub, The Mountain Room Bar.

Laptops can use the high-speed Wi-Fi connection available throughout the entire area. In addition, you can also connect to the LANe via your laptops in the north satellite of the city. Notebook Lane, the North Satellite Regional Shopping Centre, provides many sophisticated travel agency features. To provide passenger comfort, U.S. mailboxes were placed at the ticket sales floor near America West, on the Upper Drive pavement outside America West, in the North and South satellites, and on the Lower Drive pavement outside Luggage Reclaim 16.

Two Travelex foreign markets are available at the airport's main terminal (one on the northern promenade and the other on the southern side) and one on the southern satellite. Sixteen cash dispensers were comfortably placed throughout the entire area. There are four cash dispensers on the ticket sales floor of the main terminal, with three cash dispensers on the baggage claim floor of the main terminal and three on Hall A. The ticket dispensers are located on the ticket sales floor of the main terminal.

The other Concours and satellite courses each have an ATM, with the difference of Course DS, which has two machines (one next to Hudson News and the other next to Bretzelmania). Visitor information opposite Carousel 11 on the baggage claim level in the main terminal is ideal for visitors who arrive at the terminal.

Every elevator at the airfield is equipped with a Braille controller with elevated numbers, low operating fields, ground pass chimes and elevated call keys. Personal toilets for handicapped travellers in need of help are available at both floors of the main terminal and at all gates and satellite stations. The majority of toilets at the airports have large stands for accessible areas for wheelchairs, handholds and lower equipment such as hand towels and mirror.

Every phone at the airports is handicapped access. Approximately 80 enhanced phones are available at the airports for hearing-impaired travellers. It provides wheeled chair service for travellers and visitors both.

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