How much is my Taxi

What does my taxi cost?

Explains our pricing policy If you get into a taxi, an starting fee of either 3.80 or 4.20 will be charged on the counter, according to the hour of the morning. Thereafter, the price of the ticket is counted on the basis of the route covered or, if the vehicle falls below a certain limit, the travel duration.

When another passenger enters, an additional passenger charge of 1 will be added to the Extras section of the counter. For each telephone or application specific reservation a 2 Euro reservation fee may be charged, which will be added to the Extras section of the counter. Hopefully this will help us clear things up for you and help us respond to your queries.

Should you have any further questions or concern, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our support staff who will be pleased to help.

Itaxi - The Taxi App - Rome Forum

Hello, I'm going to Rome next week-end and just found the "mytaxi - The Taxi App" for Android. Once I have set up an affiliate and PayPal affiliate I can see when the next available taxi will be and how much my journey would be. Has anyone used the application in Rome?

Well, we used it for Android last year without any trouble with taxi. I don't know anything about mysaxi. With Google Maps and the route descriptions they suggest the rates with mystaxi vs. Tried to use it unsuccessfully a few occasions - the major issue was that the taxi they charged with my enquiry would always be too far away, leading to long waiting and cost.

But on the other side I've been using it for two years and I'm very lucky. And I used my taxi in Rome with great results. The taxi was quickly spotted and its position, volume of travel and journey to my final point were clearly shown on the maps on the monitor.

I' ve received several responses from my friend who said that taxi riders should not be trusted because they can modify the fare (night fare instead of daily fare) or charge EUR 75 instead of a standard EUR 45 for this particular itinerary. I' ve never been betrayed by a taxi cabbie in Rome before. Price from Flughafen Friedrichino to the centre of Rome is 48 ?, not 45 ?.

And if you reluctantly offer to do more, there's not much a disloyal rider could do. I' m taking the taxi from Fiumicino to Holiday Inn Rome - Pisana, 22Km. Don't use an apple to take a taxi from the airports - just go to the level of an authorized taxi. Since your accommodation is outside the wall, the price does not drop below 48 ?.

It' not a good place for a week-end excursion to Roma - does the resort have a bus service to the centre of the town?

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