Air Charter Service Fzco

Fzco Air Charter Service

Worldwide experts in private jet, helicopter, airliner and freighter charter throughout the Middle East and worldwide. ACS is an aircraft charter company offering passenger and cargo charter services worldwide. The Air Charter Service FZCO is based in Dubai, UAE. The Air Charter Service FZCO takes care of .

FZCo Air Charter Service

Currently, the 14 different nations in the UAE and Dubai speak more than one language, which reflects the company's global flair and meets the needs of customers in the Middle East, North Africa, Horn of Africa, Turkey and Pakistan. The ACS Dubai has the biggest broker network in the area and continues to expand.

It has a large charter division that takes care of the needs of customers in the area, a group charter division that handles group trips, formal delegation, sport crews and evacuation, and a charter division that handles all kinds of goods. Besides the accountmanagers in these divisions, there are also administration personnel, operational employees, an accounting crew and an IT engineer.

For Air Charter Service | Tel - +971 4 2149222, Dubai

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It has been recently confirmed by Air Charter Service that Ruan Courtney has taken over the management of the group.

At the beginning of this months ACS, the London-based charter carrier, which already has other competence centers in New York and Moscow, received an officially issued business license from the Dubai Airport Free Zone Authority (DAFZA). Dubai Airport promised a further improvement in Air Charter Service's presence globally and was greeted by customers and vendors alike.

FZCo Air Charter Service will be led by Peter Sheppard - Director of Middle East Operations - who will head a dedicated group of very seasoned charter brokerage professionals in the new Dubai Airport Free Zone area. "Because of the rapid expansion of Air Charter Service, it was a strategy to open an offshore Dubai branch for some time - and we are pleased to have chosen Dubai," he added: "We have found the government to be very professionally minded and we have high hopes for the future." For more information, please feel free to call the Dubai branch.

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