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Each business jet type from different aviation manufacturers and designers is listed here alphabetically, if available with photos. Those five private airlines all see the blue sky. VistaJet from Malta early today revealed that program membership revenue increased 57% and loyalty reached 91%. Wheels Up on Monday said it had raised $90 million in KKR outside funding to be used to purchase 17 King Air 350i. Flexjet, a Directional Aviation business last week, announces that it is recruiting for the first year since 2015.

JetSmarter also claims that it is approaching viability, while Omaha, Nebraska, Jet Linx Aviation, Nebraska, has outperformed 100 jet fleets in its operated portfolio and intends to continue to do so. Good News from these five firms underlines a move away from straight property with stagnating shipments of new airplanes and a still lukewarm used private jet business.

With VistaJet, you are pioneering a focus on ultra high net worth worldwide family, license fee, government and CEO businesses doing businesses across the world. Bombardier's worldwide network of more than 70 Bombardier and Challenger Express and Challenger aircrafts has brought clients to 187 states. At the beginning of this year, the tariffs for its programme clients to South America and Australia were cancelled, a significant step.

Fare charges include the cost of traveling the aircraft to collect a traveler or back to a base once a Turnover Charters client has been dropped off. As a rule, the client will pay for transportation services, which include hotel accommodation and travel costs. VistaJet said in the news that it recorded a 51% year-on-year increase in overall airline operating time for its first three months ending June 30.

Revenues from program membership reached a all-time high of 63% (compared to 55% in the prior quarter) and overall occupancy rose 11%. According to VistaJet, with the powerful results, it has 6,000 new subscriptions per year, which were released in the first half of 2017. Meanwhile, in the US, 59% of those who purchased 2016 lessons have since added lessons.

" At the other end of the private air transport market, Wheels Up concentrates on the 80% of private air travel that takes less than two hour. In contrast to VistaJet's aircraft range, which is suitable for Geneva to New York or Shanghai to Sydney, Wheels Up's working horse is the Beechcraft King Air 350i, an eight-seat turbo prop that is better equipped for a South Bend, Indiana or Athens, Georgia collegiate soccer match.

Founded in 2013, the business is targeting $300 million in revenues and $1 billion in cash by the end of 2017, said Dichter on Monday mornings on CNBC's Squawk Box. VistaJet offers up to $17,000 per class per flight, while Wheels Up offers $4,295 per class per class per class per hour.

In fact, you can get a $3,500 rebate on your first $17,500 member if you buy through Costco. Flexjet, which is selling fractions of stock and tickets for a portfolio ranging from Super Light jets such as the Embraer Phenom 300 to the ultra-long-haul Gulfstream G650, last week hired Flexjet to pilot the Phenom 300, Learjet 75LXi, Legacy 450 and Challenger 350.

He said that the increase in traffic was due in part to the Red Label programme, which included unusual interior spaces and pilot's for a particular plane. It is the intention to give your clients a feeling similar to ownership of an airplane. Favoured by private jets for the purchase of empty legged planes, it has a proven track-record in customer services, which its CEO Sergey Petrossov claimed he was repairing.

Early this week, the Ft Lauderdale-based brokers, who precharge member dues and then offer a wide array of empty leg, seat-reserved shuttles and on-demand charters, said they have achieved 10,000 clients, the first 10% of whom are spending an annual $140,000 on an annual basis. Starting with under $10,000 in subscriptions, she says her clients vary from super rich to staff coaches and small businesses tired of airline sourcing.

As Petrossov says, the shuttle is now viable (some European itineraries have been trimmed and charges for more than three hour trips have been added) and in May the airline had an operational income. We use a regional aviation paradigm that focuses on 14 towns with their own base, manages aircraft for proprietors in those towns, and then sells tickets to take the extra minutes when the proprietors are not using their aircraft.

The company now has the second biggest administered aircraft in North America after Berkshire Hathaway's Executive Jet Management.

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