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Alaska Airlines partner flight bookings Help us by registering for affiliate credits that bring us a fee. Help us by registering for affiliate credits that bring us a fee. Reward slots can be found and booked directly on with most of Alaska Airlines' airline partners. Simply type in your routing and trip details and you'll see if an award flight is available on 15 airline partners, among them American airlines, Air France and Emirates.

Unfortunately, you can NOT use the Alaska Airline website to find reward places on Cathay Pacific or LAN itineraries. However, it is still possible to use your Alaska Airline mileage to earn bonus tickets with these two carriers! I will show you how to find reward places that you can earn with Alaska Airline mileage!

√Ālaska Airlines is not part of an alliances. However, you can earn Alaska carrier points for awards travel on these partners: Please note that the number of Alaska carrier mileage required for an Award flight may vary by routing and carrier. To find the costs of an airfare, enter your origin and destinations on Alaska Airlines' website.

Here is a guidebook to find and book reward tickets on all Alaska Airline partners except Cathay Pacific and LAN. Please go to and fill in your departure point, your arrival city, your departure date and the number of people. Make sure you activate "Use miles" to look for reward tickets! As a rule, I suggest looking for one way reward trips to make things easier.

You do NOT need to be signed into your Alaska Airlines login (free!) to look for distinctions. In Alaska you can see a listing of available reward tickets for your route and data. The results of a random sampling from Los Angeles to Dubai show, for example, an Emirates flight with free prize seating in Bus, Business Class and First Class.

As soon as you have found the desired flight, choose it and make your reservation for any other Alaska Airlines reward flight as usual. Should you wish to make a reservation by telephone, please call Alaska Airlines at 800-252-7522. Remember, if the reward flight is available for booking on-line, you will be charged a call centre ticket charge of $15.

Alaska Airlines does not offer reward places on Cathay Pacific or LAN services via its website. Then call Alaska Airlines to make your flight reservation. Here is a guideline for reviewing awards seating in Cathay Pacific and LAN. Login to your British Airways bankroll. It is free to register if you do not have an affiliate bankroll.

Then look for Cathay Pacific or LAN operating airways to see if reward places are available. I was looking for a flight from Los Angeles to Hong Kong. The results show 2 Cathay Pacific flight with open awards seating. And I also found an awards fit on a LAN flight from Miami to Buenos Aires.

Remember that British Airways Avios points can charge more or less for reward flights than Alaska Airlines mileage. Therefore, it is a good suggestion to review the Alaska Airlines Awards chart to validate and benchmark costs. When the British Airways website shows that there are free reward slots on Cathay Pacific or LAN, you can earn them through Alaska Airlines mileage.

Simply call Alaska Airlines at 800-252-7522 and tell them the flight information you found in your query. As these places cannot be reserved on-line, you can ask them to dispense with the telephone ticket surcharge. Would you like more Alaska Airlines mileage? One fast way to collect Alaska Airlines mileage is to register:

Or, apply 1:1 flexibility to Alaska Airlines and receive a 5,000-mile reward for every 20,000 points of your flight.

They can also collect loyalty points by purchasing via the Alaska Airline purchasing platform and using the reward programme. You can use to find and reserve awards seating on most of Alaska Airline's airline partners. These include Emirates, Icelandair, KLM and many others! However, on the Alaska Airline website you will not find any free awards seating on Cathay Pacific or LAN.

Instead, look on British Airways. Then call Alaska Airlines at 800-252-7522 to cash your flight mileage. Prior to searching for reward travel, review Alaska Airlines reward tables to verify costs. If you want to collect Alaska Airlines mileage, you can register for the Bank of America's Alaska Airlines travelpass.

You can also add your Alaska Airlines points to your Alaska Airlines balance.

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