Public Hire Licence

Borrowing Public License

Public Service Vehicle (PSV) Operating licenses Driving a public sector passenger car (PSV) is required: PSV437, PSV Owner Approval: a guideline for owners. PSV has 4 different kinds of licenses and specific license regulations in London. The only way to work in the UK is to request a default license. The majority of full-time professional business owners use off-the-shelf licenses.

With this type of licence you can take your customers both abroad and within the UK. They may only request a limited licence for small holdings. It allows you to use 1 or 2 cars and both cannot take more than 8 people. Up to 16 persons can be carried in both cars if you do not use it as part of a person transportation transaction, or you operate your cars on the side and not as your primary task.

Specific limited licenses are used to run a licenced cab on a locale route. If you are a licenced taxidriver, you can only request this license. One of them is a small one: a small one: It must be recorded with the transport officer. You need a London Authorisation to run a London public transport operation.

Taxi and rental car rental in London are licenced by Transport for London (TfL).

Driving licence for public vehicles

An applicant for an ACT driving licence for public vehicles must fulfil the registration criteria laid down in the Regulation 2000 on Road Traffic (Driving Licence). Prerequisites for the public driver's license are: Taxi; O - Public transport; Rental - Rental cars; Motorbike; M Rent a motorbike; D - Limited rental cars; and, D - Carpooling.

The admission criteria for all public car licence application forms include: you are Australia based or have a permit to work in Australia; you have a full Australia driving licence; and you are reading and following all the rules on this page. Supplementary admission to certain public transport driving licence conditions:

Australia; Canada; New Zealand; Republic of Ireland; USA.

No public driving licence may be granted to candidates if the candidate has been found guilty of a criminal disqualification within the last 5 years, has been excluded from possession or receipt of an Australia driving licence under the laws of any court of competent jurisdictions or has been subject to suspension of his driving licence under the laws of any court of competent jurisdictions other than for non-payment of a contractual fine.

A new ACT license for public vehicles can be requested with the on-line application. This will also allow present ACT licence holder for public vehicles to request further terms for the registration of public vehicles. forms shall specify which documentation is necessary as a result of electoral processes held within the requested format and terms.

Please note: you will need the ACT WWVP badge before the public vehicle you have applied for can be included in your driver's license; a filled out evaluation of the professional driver's good state ( PDF 177KB) - filled in by a doctor; and proof of your residence permit.

Proof of residence permit may include: an Australia' Geburtsurkunde (no reminder certificate); a valid travel document; a residency document from the Department of Immigration and Border Protection; or a work or study permit allowing the person to work in Australia. Intergovernmental organisations can request authorisation for an ACT Public Vehicle Licence on-line before they transfer their licence to the ACT.

The intergovernmental and New Zealand public transport driving licence may be reciprocally recognized in the ACT under the Mutual Recognition (Australian Capital Territory) Act 1992 and the Trans-Tasman Mutual Recognition Act 1997. Claimants must satisfy the following licensing requirements: a copy of the applicant's valid driver's license; a valid international or New Zealand driver's license for public vehicles or a public licensing body; a declaration of the date of issuance of the international or New Zealand driver's license; proof of your ACT stay; proof of your residence status*; a healthcare evaluation for professional drivers filled in by a doctor - must be filed within 3 month of your application for public vehicles license being registered; a valid ACT Working with vulnerable people document (ACT) within 3 month of your application for public vehicles license being registered; a valid ACT Working with vulnerable people (

You must obtain an ACT WWVP if you have a valid Working with Vulnerable People card (or equivalent) from another state within Australia. Remember: You will need the ACT WWVP before you can include the public vehicle status you have requested in your driving licence.

Proof of residence permit may include: an Australia birth certificate which is not a reminder document; a valid travel document; an Australia citizenship document; a work or study permit which allows the claimant to work in Australia. In order to become a cabbie in the ACT, there are certain requirements for the use of the ACT' s official languages. In order for a public driver's license to operate a cab, the individual is either certificated by the Department of Transportation as complying with the specified UK Federal Highway Code or is a national or a proprietor of one of the following countries:

Australia; Canada; New Zealand; Republic of Ireland; USA. Driving licence applications and public driving permits will be sent to the applicant by mail. Canberra Service Center for Reciprocal Recognition claimants can be accessed after receiving acknowledgement of your claim authorisation to transfer your intergovernmental license to the ACT and obtain an ACT Public Vehicles License.

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