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Hawalli, Al'??imah, Kuwait. The Q8 Taxi Smartphone App is the most convenient and secure way to take a taxi in Kuwait. Latest tweets from Q8 Taxi (@q8taxi_cab): "If you use Q8taxi, you can always know your driver.

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The Q8 Taxi Smart-phone application is the most comfortable and secure way to take a taxi in Kuwait. Choose your pick-up place, specify the destination and touch on a desired taxi, that's it - just return and we will inform you when the taxi will arrive. Trace the position of the taxi of your choice or speak to the chauffeur at the touch of a key and stop negotiating tariffs - GPS-based tariff displays the mileage and fares directly on your monitor when the journey begins.

Select a site - Touch and drag to remove a site from your present one, or select another site by dragging the locator. Return point - Enter the first few characters of the return point and select from the proposed site listing. Availability of Taxi - See the number of available cabs and the approximate ETA of the next taxi to your site.

Tariff display - GPS-based counter calculates mileage and fares. Trace your taxis - Find the taxi's real-time position and the closest route to your final destinations. Show the tracks of your trips and your payment. Drivers evaluation - Evaluate the driving experience.

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By the time Uber gets to Kuwait, we have no alternative for now and the latest one I found out is the Q8 Taxi App. While I haven't ordered a taxi with it yet because I didn't need it, I have played with the application and noted two interesting things about Q8 Taxi.

Second, the taxi they use have work counters. But I thought this could only be a general explanation, so I phoned after sales to tell them that their taxi actually used the counters and they told me that they did.

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