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When I first saw a jet, I shot it down.

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The app is about the same as Privatjets and costs $7.000 per year.

TURKEY (Reuters) - Wannabe Jetsetter can now launch a personal jet anywhere in the globe from their smart phones, thanks to an application that makes luxurious flights more affordable, at least for those who can affordable the $7,000 subscription. JetSmarter, the brainchild of Sergey Petrossov, 26, allows the user to rent a jet in a few seconds.

"It is our aim as a business to democratise civil aviation," he said to Reuters in Zurich, where the business will open a dedicated EU offices in 2015. Started in March last year, the application has been download more than 300,000 copies and has enabled more than 1,000 flight transactions so far in 2014. Whereas the avarage fare is around $20,000 per year, those who become a member for $7,000 a year can get free or discount "empty legs" that fly empty when an airplane lands back to its home bases after a passenger has disembarked. The avarage JetSmarter member is technically adept, between 25 and 50 years old, and according to Petrossov, makes at least $1 million a year.

Among the user are prominent people, license fees and sheikhs of the A-list. One-time JetSmarter was asked to ship one metric tons of bullion between South America and Europe.

How-To: Application for offers for jet fuel - Part 1: Interesting facts about the fundamentals

Part of a franchise request campaign on commercial air travel. Turbine elevators are still one of the most important ways for corporate jet owners to reduce the cost of the entire airframe. However, in order to take full benefit of these economies, it is important to identify and benchmark the jet offers for each target and make sure that the petrol offers you receive apply to your particular mode of use.

Below you will find an outline of what you need to consider when making a request for an aircraft turbine quotation: In recent years, global activities have become increasingly complicated in relation to aviation prices, contractual propellant choices, regulation and taxation. Today's offers are more detailled than in the past in relation to the amount of information providers are looking for: connection charges, in-plane charges, taxation (VAT, TÜV, locally, etc.), basic prices and exemption, to name a few.

It is not possible for all suppliers of fuels to provide the same information on their offers. Lack of or inaccurate information can drastically alter the price and result of a refuelling operation. Ever since the 2007/2008 economic downturn, general aviation passengers have focused more on cutting operational expenses. Today's corporate jet operator is more intelligent in its overall approach to managing jet engine fuels, and is looking for more detail and accuracy in its offerings for jet fuels.

A number of aviation divisions have procurement officers devoted to procuring fuels on an uplift-by-upliftbase. There is also an increase in the number of third parties looking for petrol on instructions from the supplier. These suppliers can drastically reduce overall propellant cost. However, there are many carriers who do not routinely take full benefit of the best prices available.

Today, airlines often have three or four different flight fuelling passes with them - such as our own ultra air fuelling pass - to get the best price for the deal. Bringing more air fuelling tickets than these can be counterproductive as administration expenses related to your freetime and/or cost may be incurred by a third-party fuelling organisation.

When you outsource to a third-party fuels manager, make sure you have confidence in that organization and have reviewed their credentials and integrity/impartiality. An offer of petrol should contain the basic fare (per gal or litre) and the VAT/MOT and other tax rates that apply to your mode of operating, as well as various types of terminal charges, inclusive of in-place charges, connection charges, fireman charges, small volume elevator charges and hourly or overnight charges.

If you request a quote for kerosene, always specify the name of the aerodrome, the amount of lift, the name of the vendor, the name of the groundhandler, the mode of fare and your mode of aboard. Prevent possible problems on the operating date by making sure that all agreements for increasing refuelling with your chosen vendor are validated in advance. 3. Air fuelling tickets (often referred to as "fuel carnets") still provide a high degree of comfort, but it's better not to travel to the other side of the globe with just one air fuelling ticket without making an appointment.

Note that some airfields are heavily frequented and tend to delay refuelling, while others may have low consumption or a small amount of petrol from occasion to occasion. A printed copy of a released petrol is indispensable in many places, but good practise in others. Nizza (LFMN) often run out of petrol later in the weekend, and you need to be careful to confirm your desired buoyancy.

This weekly shortage of LFMN fuels is due to the fact that all fuels are transported to the LFMN via lorry (road) to the LFMN and after a certain period of absence on Saturday these lorries are not allowed to drive on open streets. At some points you may need to specify the amount of petrol you need for the lifting operations.

Sometimes quantitative restrictions are applied to all lifts at a given aerodrome. Otherwise, the quantitative requests are defined by each vendor. On line petrol offers are a precious asset, but sometimes it is best to talk to someone who knows your business and can give a detailed explanation of a petrol offer.

However, some on-line offers do not always contain all the fees/taxes that apply to your particular trip, so you will have a full view when talking to your local agent. The Jet Fuels Checklist - like the one you can dowload here - can give you an overview of the information your supplier needs from you to give you a quote.

It also describes the information that you should obtain from the supplier, such as associated charges, taxation, etc. Do you have any queries about this product or would you like more information about our petrol range, please do not hesitate to email Christine Vamvakas at Keep up with Part 2, which contains taxation and document reporting requests and hints on how to request fuels.

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