Alaska Air Mileage Program

The Alaska Air Mileage Program

What does the program do? Last airline with a great frequency flyer plan is about to make it better. Airline-Virgin Alaska Merger Makes the Best Frequent Flyer Program Better

Looking at my mileage chart and seeing that I had only got ten 215 for flights from Miami to Chicago, I phoned carrier support to find out what had been happening. "So, you only get a percent of the mileage, calculated on the price of the ticket you pay. Now, the legacies- United, Delta, American and whatever carrier they absorbed-have taken their share of "loyalty" out of their retention schedules and taken many values (not to speak of fun) with them.

However, an air carrier still gives 100% loan, no matter how big or small the expenses are: An Alaska. Now that it has merged $4 billion with Virgin America, there is little point in anyone ever being "faithful" to the legacy again. I have been a member of the Alaska Airlines Mileage Plans since I was 10 years old when my wife and daughter and my mother came to Seattle and registered us.

Now that I live in Miami, I still use Alaska as my preferred FFP program, not because I love using an air carrier with only one per diem in my city. I rather remained because Alaska worked with American, Delta and other companies going to South Florida. I will not fly these vehicles often anymore now that the fusion coincides with the dilution of their programmes by American and Delta.

Now instead of being banned to Portland and Seattle if you want to travel a respectable carrier and earn full mile on a West Coast trip, everything has opened up. Virgin Lift in San Francisco means that large east coast towns - New York, DC, Boston, Miami - can go just about anywhere on the west coast and still get full mileage.

And with Alaska flight connectivity, Virgin clients can now access smaller airfields throughout the western United States and Canada. If you want to go somewhere where these two carriers do not go, you can cash in all the mileage you have earned. In fact, you can, on full loan, even buy americans.

They may think that Alaska would increase the price of award passes to offset all the new mileage it will be awarded with the fusion. In fact, Alaska has reduced the price of premium trips, some by more than half. From January, you can also use these mileage points on Virgin airplanes.

To sum it up, Alaska has just opened full kilometers of credits on all Virgin America itineraries. This means that members of the Mileage Plan can travel one of the two most bearable major carriers in the entire nation and get credits for the mileage they actually do. They can then spend less money to get the reward.

If you are not living or planning to travel to Seattle, register for an Alaska Airlines Members Mileage plan bankroll. This means if you are tired of larger carriers wanting to treat you like a load with a heart rate and exercising your options to match your purse. Maybe, just maybe, they'll be learning from Alaska and Virgin's example.

Yes, Southwest Culture, before you go to the commentary and say how great SWA's reward program is, and how it doesn't recharge to control pockets, and how it invents penicillin and gives 90% of its profit to hungry children, I know. The southwest is the big star in every talk about "the airlines," so let's keep it that way.

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