Rare Air Book

Book of Rare Air

There is little in this small volume to justify its addition to the already overloaded bookshelf about the basketball legend. Please register to see what your friends think about this book. Search related topics In 1993 Michael Jordan "Rare Air" photo book. The Rare Air Michael Jordan Tischbuch, published in 1993, will be auctioned off. This book is in good shape, all pictures are in very good state.

This book is for sale due to its ageing, but it is in good to very good shape.....

RARE UDA Air Michael Jordan signed book -RARE BOLD/ SKIP FREE SIGNATURE-BEAUTY! THIS IS THE BOOK THAT YOU MAY OWN OWN. Big car program! Rare Michael Jordan Air NIP book. Pocketbook. This is Mark Vancil Editor. Envelopes have some spots, as shown. Front envelope has inscription in upper L hand side, inside clean, large 11 x 13 size back.

State - Good. Ultimative introspection of Michael Jordan, the gambler... and the man. This book contains images of the highest possible qualit. These were passed on to the distributor of HUJIFILM and a very small print run was made before the book was published. This is a very rare Jordan work! IT' NEVER BEEN OPENED AND IT'S IN IMPECCABLE SHAPE.

SIGNATURE 100% GUARANTEED... It is in impeccable shape as it is in synthetic. IT'?D BE PROBLED TO FIND THIS BOOK IN BETTER SHAPE. It'?s one of 25,000 first editions. Oversized book (13,25" x 11,25"). Brand-new, factory-welded Michael Jordan "Rare Air" photobook.

Nice MJ Photobook is a great collector's piece for any MJ enthusiast Free shipment for US-clients! Rare Michael Jordan air book, which is still unsealed, was never opened. Michael Jordan 1993 Rare Air Walter Iooss Book, Chicago Bulls, NICE!!! The book was published by Mark Vancil. All in all the book qualities are NM !

That book is a MUST if you're a hoopster! Photograph by Walter Ioss Jr., editing by Mark Vancil.

That book is new.

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