Helicopter Charter Houston Tx

Houston Tx Helicopter Charter

Ask for a charter offer for helicopters. You have found a great site to book your charter in the areas of Houston, Dallas and/or Fort Worth. Hubschrauber Charter Helicopter flight is an effective way when space is at a premium. One-on-one charter service is ideal for preventing jams, moving celebrities between closely planned meetings, taking staff to distant locations, and more. If we operate charter flights, we collect our customers from a local aerodrome or, if possible, from a home or business location and take them to the specified location.

For our charter service we run the Robinson R44 series helicopter - the most loved and affordable helicopter on the today's helicopterarket. The helicopter provides a convenient cab with the ability to carry up to three occupants and one aviator. Among other things, our charter service is exemplified by the following:

The charter rate is $800.00 per flying hour on the Robinson R44. It is a 3 hours min. on (full day) customized charter. All our charter companies are FAA Part 135 Air Carrier certificated, Certificate # 9XPA176N.

Houston, NHS

There are several fun, exhilarating air travel deals on the market, including downtown Houston, key sporting facilities, navigable routes and coastlines, memorials and a battle ship - and much more! Take a trip with the "H-Town Express" !!! Download our signing tours! It is the quickest and highest thrilling trip in the city!

Departure from Houston's most beautiful and cleaner airports - this trip is a direct hit into the hart of the city...a bow over our valued Houston Medical Center...a fast passport at Astrodome and NRG Park - and then a run back to West Houston International Airports!

Our planes provide you with a trouble-free, secure journey in a convenient helicopter that will take you there in no time at all! Of course, our choppers are fitted with climate control and heater as well as noise-canceling headset to make the most of the trip.

Houston, TX local helicopter charter rental service

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