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Helicopters and how they work

At the beginning of the twentieth millennium, some brave innovators made the dreams come true by creating and constructing airplanes that really did live up to their name. Instead, we want to concentrate on a lesser-known person - Igor Sikorsky - and his view of the contemporary helicopter: an airplane without a wing that reaches verticality by turning the topwing.

Since its invention in the 1930' s, the helicopter's absence is one thing that has distinguished it. Renowned US radio reporter Harry Reasoner discusses this seeming Paradox in a 1971 review of the use of helicopters in the Vietnam conflict: ... A chopper doesn't want to go flying.

Airborne, it is held by a multitude of opposing powers and checks, and when there is a disruption in this sensitive equilibrium, the chopper immediately and catastrophically ceases to fly. There'?s no such thing as a glider chopper. The mind revealed the basic realities of helicopters - that the aircraft have intricate constructions and that flight is exceptionally difficult.

Pilots must think three-dimensionally and use both hands and feet all the time to keep a chopper in the sky. Steering a chopper demands a lot of practice and ability as well as constant attentiveness to the aircraft. In order to fully understand this sophistication, it will help to examine the development of helicopters over time.

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