Riverview Taxi

Taxi Riverview

" Riverview was always on time, and the drivers are friendly and courteous." 389 Fairview Ave Ste 4 Hudson, NY Taxi Riverview Taxi Overall: I used Riverview last weekend to come to a Catskill marriage - my platoon was 20 min too late, of course, but the chauffeur was waiting for me at the railway yard and welcomed me with a big grin! Don't use that taxi firm!!!

!!!!! We got a call and were told that we would be picked up by rail, but when we arrived there was no rider for us.

The Riverview was always punctual, and the riders are kind and obliging. {\pos (192,210)}I phoned for a cab, said 15 mins, phoned 25 mins later to verify and "she...".

11805 Brenford Crest Dr, Riverview, FL 33579

He had no disgrace, no disgrace, no excuse, nothing but his own mind, to do what he wanted, what he wanted, because we wanted what we asked, and still billed more. Finally, take this to your hearts I think you are going this way please go to another serious company in less than you just like to give cash to a carnivore in sheep's clothes. poorer ever servicing, he was 40 minutes too late out and the car was in unfortunate condition, dirty and chaotic.

To make matters even more serious, there is no one complaining, because this is a one-man operation and not a genuine taxi-run. Never do I ever review, but I felt the need to alert other folks to this terrible work.

Needed a lift to work, so I phoned this taxi company. Drivers were telling me how long the waiting time would be, what exactly it was, the trip was enjoyable and I would highly commend it. They can say that they want to offer a serious sevice for Brandon, Riverview and Sun City Area.

Only use AAA taxis when they are available. It' s great to actually have a rider who is not only a really good fellow, but also timely, he even talks English. Surprisingly they were on schedule and I was telling their husband Dale that I was new in the area, so he was kind enough to tell me what to try here& his taxi was clean&I'll call him again&again......

Andres' reviews are just false and absolutely not from the AAA taxi boys I was driving with. I' ve been using these boys for years before they started branching out to help the folks in Southern Hills. They took the chance when you couldn't get a taxi to the southern hemisphere. They were always courteous, very useful and will go out there to help someone.

Coming from New York, I had a lot of experience with cabs, but that was the best, arriving on schedule, very professionally. The rider even gave me the option of a faster or cheaper itinerary, I choose the cheaper one, but he gave the rider the edge.

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