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See Transfer & Shuttle prices for Airport Taxi Transfers in Prague, Czech Republic. Yes, our rates are a bit lower than a normal airport taxi (similar to a trip to the center of the town and much lower if you continue).

Yes, our rates are a bit lower than a normal airport taxi (similar to a trip to the center of the town and much lower if you continue). Unless you find an honourable taxi rider, you can find that you are two to three pay more than the taxi rate. Our company employs skilled English-speaking chauffeurs who specialise in door-to-door passenger transportation and are well versed in Prague.

We have a large vehicle pool that provides safe, convenient and cheap transportation to and from Prague Airport. Proudly, our clients are satisfied with our taxi services at Prague Airport. Thank you very much, we will use your airport shuttle on our next trip to Prague. During our trip to Prague we got really useful information about what to do.

During our back transport Lukas, our chauffeur, explained to us that the airport was shut because of heavy rain. Always looking for more information, he even took us to his restaurant so we could have something to eat for dinner instead of just dropping us off at the airport. Arriving at the airport, he was waiting to make sure he didn't have to take us back to Prague.

In addition to the usual expectations such as dependability, value and convenience, in our eyes this was an extraordinary one. Ladies and gentlemen, I have just returned from Prague. It was a great trip and we wanted to let you know that the taxi pick-up bus is great. He was very courteous and friendly, took us directly to the guesthouse and waited for us at 6.55 a.m. for our comeback.

Surely we will suggest your airport transfers. See the prices for airport transfers. A private taxi, shuttle or a bus? Arriving on schedule from or to the airport is always a little hectic. Especially in Prague, travelling from the airport by train is never simple. A few words to say how we enjoy the transfers from and to the Tulip Inn Hotel to the airport.

In both cases the rider was punctual and ready to help with our baggage. There will be no hesitation in booking with your airport transfers agent in the near term. Hi, We have just come back from Prague and have arranged the airport transfers for you. At the airport he waited for us, assisted us with the baggage, brought us very quickly to the Roma Inn, gave us information about the way and arrived punctually at the inn on the way back.

It was a nice trip to Prague, thanks again for such a good quality customer care, which we will certainly be able to offer you. Following a midnight flying we landed at Prague Airport (a mother and 2 daughters). Pete was 15 minutes ahead of a timetable to take us back to the airport at the end of our trip.

There was a love for the town and the locals. Lucas, your taxi chauffeur, is a good pro and also a very kind man. Many thanks for the outstanding services on our last journey. Thank you very much for the Limousinenservice. I had a great prague ride. We will definitely be recommending your superb sedan services.

Only to thank you, although your drivers waited for us at Prague Airport despite 2 hours delay due to poor air conditions, as this was our first trip to Prague, it was a great help to see a kind face that he took us directly to the hotels and was very useful on the way back where they were picked up early, so don't worry that they wouldn't show up, I would definitely suggest your A1 transferservice, Rod Templey.

A few and a half nights before my arrival on 29 June 2006 I arranged a taxi shuttle for 4 people from Prague Airport to the city center. Drivers waited for us at the Arrival Departure and my name was clearly seen on a large map. Very polite, he took all our baggage to the taxi near by.

He pointed out various places of interest during the transfers and brought our baggage to the hotels on our arrivals. 3 nights later the same rider came on schedule to our back-door pick-up point and put our baggage on a cart on arriving at the departure terminal of Prague Airport.

Do you have a small household allowance? transportation instead of personal transfers. For many years, our enterprise has been offering airport transfers, shuttles and limousines. Briefly, we provide a straightforward, comfortable and dependable postal delivery of our products at a set rate to any destinations within the Czech Republic and Prague.

to work with many airline companies, Prague hotel companies and tourist offices, especially in the UK. When you leave early in the mornings, it can sometimes be hard to organise a taxi. When you are in a group of 4 people, please note that some airport cabs only carry 3 people and pay for large luggage etc. while we do not!

It' simple to make reservations and pay. When you want to make an airport pick up reservation, simply fill out the following contact details or give us a call. Take your bag with you (which are often overloaded), or pull your pockets around to look for local transportation. Our company employs skilled English-speaking chauffeurs who specialise in door-to-door passenger transportation and are well versed in Prague.

Most recently in the media (about dishonest Prague taxi driver, taxi driver). There is an offical caution in every Prague travel guide: Look out for the cabdrivers. Ruthless downtown Kabbies are infamous when it comes to looking at far-sighted aliens like a shark looking at a buddy.

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