Alaska Airlines Frequent Flyer Program

Frequent Flyer Program Alaska Airlines

and then Mileage Plan from Alaska Airlines. Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan is one of the best frequent flyer programs and is highly appreciated by its members. Delta Airlines, Alaska Airlines, is one of the best U.S. airlines, often.


In the midst of frequent flyer rumors about the difficulties of using their mileage for free travel, airlines are making some changes and introducing functions to bind travellers. Delta's SkyMiles program took second place in a U.S. Airlines frequent flyer program rankings published by U.S. News and World Report for the second consecutive year.

U.S. News rated the programmes on issues such as the scale of their network and the rate at which members can collect enough points or mileage to receive a free plane ticket or accommodation. After Alaska Airlines, Delta came in 1st and ahead of JetBlue, American and Southwest frequent flyer programmes in the U.S. News rankings.

Southwest' Rapid Rewards program has achieved higher ranks in some other fidelity program ranks, relying on the simple search for rewards places. Since some frequent flyers are frustrated with redemption of airline mileage, Delta has added more uses for mileage. Early this year, Delta began to allow frequent flyers to cash their mileage against Delta present tickets.

However, those who receive the most advantages in Delta's frequent flyer program are top medalists who achieve a certain level of expenditure and fly. U.S. News Best Airlines reward programs are listed below.

Airline Alaska Meilenplan Frequent Flyer Programme Overview

  • Allows members to accumulate mileage on the Alaska Airlines flight with the Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan. It is possible to make the greater amount of either 500 mileage or the real number of flying mileage. Collect 50% of your award mileage when you travel in first grade. Affiliate Airlines - You can also collect airline mileage with affiliate airlines.

This includes the Dazu gehören Air France, American Airlines, Big Sky AIrlines, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Continental Airlines, Delta Airlines, Era Aviation, Hawaiiian Airlines, Horizon Air, KLM, LAN, Northwest Airlines PenAir, Qantas. Autopartner - Members can also collect mileage from the following auto partners: Alamo, Avis, Budget, Dollar Rent a Car, Hert, National and Thrifty Car Rentals.

Collect 50 mile per rental per rental per rental per rental per rental day. The Dining Partners - Affiliate dining partners that are part of the ecosystem allow members of the Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan to earn up to 10 Mileage for every Dollars they spend in these locations. Finance Partners - Mileage Plan members can also accumulate additional mileage when using a Mileage Plan affiliate finance provider.

As an example, if you work directly with your chosen one of the nation's four premier mortgages banks, such as Chase Home Finance, CitiMortgage, Wachovia and Washington Mutual Home Loans, you can potentially earn up to 225,000 mileage. For example, you can collect 3,000 mileage for every $10,000 of the house buying and/or selling cost if you hire an authorized attending realtor.

They can also earn 5,000 mileage by financing your car with Capital One Financial, accumulate mileage by buying, selling or financing your home through Lending Tree, earn 500 mile for a free car rental quotation from Progressive or just 2,500 mile for opening an affiliate profile with Sharebuilder. What's more, you can get up to 5,000 points for your money with Capital One Financial.

Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan Hotelpartner sind Gold Crown Club, Choice Hotels International, Coast Hotels and Resorts, Delta Hotels, Fairmont Hotels and Resorts, Fiestaamericana, Hilton HHon Honors, Hyatt, Kimpton, Marriott, The Mileage Plan Dining and Hotels, Preferred Hotels and Resorts, Princess Lodges, Priority Club, Red Lion Hotels, West Coast Hotels, Shilo Suites Hotels, Silver Legacy, Starwood Preferred Guest, Westmark Hotels and Wynham Resorts.

They can collect Alaska mileage when you spend the night in these accommodations. Alaska Airlines has a Bank of America approved debit line. Alaska AirlinesTM Visa Seal allows the cardholder to collect duplicate mileage for every U.S. dollar they spend to purchase Alaska Airlines and Horizons tickets. You' ll also receive 2,000 mileage per year when your membership is extended.

A new cardholder receives 5,000 award points and the annuity is $75.00. Others Partners - Members of Members of Mileage Plans can also collect points with Teleflora's Flower Club, FTD, Cruises on Carnival Cruise Lines, Holland America, Princess Cruises, Coast Cruises, Cunard Line, The Yachts of Seabourn or Windstar Cruises, Masterpark Airport Valet,,, Vinesse and has link ages to various dealers like GAP, Circuit City and you can collect up to 8 mile per dollars that you spend at these dealers. And there are many more associates who just can't be named here. Mileage redemption - Like most airlines, Alaska divides its airline rewards into two categories:

When you look at the Rewards chart, Alasks Savings Rewards have fewer mileage requirement than most airlines. Alaska, for example, needs only 20,000 mile, a good 5,000 fewer mile, while the big six airlines need 25,000 mile for a return trip. Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan also has a one-of-a-kind program that allows members to use 15,000 mileage to earn a $250 rebate on fares.

Upgrade to First Grade require 10,000 mileage. The Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan has 2 different top level MVP and MVP Gold ratings. The MVP - To be eligible for MVP designation, 20,000 mileage is required that is exclusively travelled on Alaska Airlines or Horizon Air during the year, or 25,000 mileage is required that is travelled on a combined Alaska and affiliate airline or 30 segment plan.

Members of MAVP receive 50% bonuses, unrestricted first-class upgrades at any time on Y or YAS fare, 48-hour pre-flight time on other fare plans, 2 return trips per year free first-class Upgrade Certificate on Northwest Airlines, own telephone line, waiting list of priorities, seats available, check-in at first-class desks, Priority Boards and 50% discount on Alaska Airlines initiative fee for board-room.

MAVP Silver - The requirements for MVP Silver status are 40,000 mile travel on Alaska or Horizon Air or 50,000 mile travel on Alaska plus affiliate airlines or 60 scheduled segments. In addition to all the benefits MVP members receive, Goldmembers receive 100% award points, 50,000 award points if you earn 75,000 real airline mileage in any given year with Alaska Airlines, Horizon Air, American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, LAN or Northwest Airlines, unrestricted first grade upgrade at any time to eligible rates (booked in Y, S, B, M, H or Q);

Seventy-two lessons in advance of your scheduled flight options, unrestricted possibility to convert one passenger to First class when travelling with you, 4 return flights per year, free First-Class Upgrade Certificate for Northwest Airlines and free of charge Safety Line Expressway at select international destinations. Conclusion - The Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan program is a favorite among members and has been ranked top in the Best Airlines Rewards Program at the Freddie Awards several time.

One part of the plea is that you need less mileage for the savings price than other programmes. There is also a one of a kind function that allows members to use 15,000 frequent flyer keys to conserve $250. The only downside may be that Alaska Airlines is not part of a truly international alliance. It has enough associates that you wouldn't really know.

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