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We have been researching, purchasing and making RTW travel at BootsnAll for 15 years. We have been researching, purchasing and making RTW journeys at BootsnAll for 15 years. We always asked ourselves why it took so long to get actual prizes and why it was practically not possible to buy this kind of tickets now. Briefly, it's an RTW Reisetraummaschine that delivers true pricing in seconds, books on-line and makes it child's play to divide and undertake this kind of journey.

Comparison of Round-the-World (RTW) tariffs and alternatives

From time to time I wonder if there is no better way to get hold of a bunch of trip information. This is the circumnavigation system for comparing fares. It contains nearly 13,000 datapoints for tariffs at 197 different global destinations (one per county for most countries).

The system includes almost 100 different tariffs, not only RTW, but also some local tariffs such as Circle Asia, Circle Pacific and Circle Japan. This is a whole bunch of information that needs to be administered and cleaned. I' certainly not going so far as to say it's still flawless - the site is very much in alpha stage right now - but there are sorting possibilities by location, fares and cabins that are available right now and more in the works.

At present, six different carriers are used as datapoints for fares, two from each of the three international alliance agreements. Almost in every case the tariffs agree, but there are enough peculiarities and deviations that I keep all the dates in there and available. Tariffs do not contain tax, surcharge, or aircraft-specific charges, but the aim of the tools is to help compare rates between alliance or find the best place to travel, rather than arrive at the definitive price.

This is what it looks like when you select a certain home countries or airports: Each cabin is colour-marked so you can quickly see what different tariffs are available to you. You want to look for tariff products. Blue symbols indicate the lowest 20% of the market for this special ticket, while yellow symbols indicate the highest 20%.

I am still working on further possibilities to "cut and dice" the files.

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