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International d'Air Charter, recherche d'entreprises et d'informations sur l'investissement. International Air Charter, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Private jet company, Air Charter Service One of the most sought-after air charter servicing providers for the delivery of charter and Wet Leasing opportunities in the 4-A region - Arabia, Africa, Asia and Asia Plus. Air charter and wet leasing activities range from freighter jets, airliners, emergency evacuation, air rescue transfer, personal corporate aviation and much more.

With our Wet Leasing service we provide crewed aeroplanes, servicing and insurances so that you, our client, can focus on your key activities. No matter whether you want to use your own commercial aircrafts, freighter, Medevac or turboprops in your fleet, ACI is your complete leasing system. We have an abundant data base of airline companies that gives us worldwide coverage of charter flights from helicopters to large commercial aircrafts, from personal jet to freighter, from ambulance to seaplane.


The Air Charter was a charter company operating from 1966 to 1998. It was a wholly owned business of Air France and was founded on 7 February 1966 under the name SAFA - Societé Aérienne Française d'Affrètements. Operation began on 25 July 1966 with two Sud Caravelle and two Lockheed Super Constellation planes.

Those chartered planes were flying from Paris to the Mediterranean. On 8 December 1969, the company was renamed Air Charter International (ACI). By 1971, ACI was operating a seven-caravelle flotilla, carrying some 420,000 people. From 1982 on, Air France provided charter services to the USA and Canada with Boeing 747-200 leasees.

1984 the name of the company was changed to Air Charter. When the company expanded, the first wide-body Airbus A300B4 was launched in 1988. Air Charter had fulfilled its objective with the 1998 Air France/Air Inter fusion and the service ceased on 24 October 1998.

Airplanes used in the colors of Air Charter: Wikimedia Commons has access to air charter related information on Air Charter International.

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