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Airport vehicles less expensive than Uber? NASA says it could be.

A trip with a air taxi could be as cheap as a flyover and get you to your destination in a third of the journey according to a NASA brief. Indeed, if you're looking for your airborne vehicle, today's ride-on-demand layout might offer only the best to find it, said Mark Moore, head technician for on-demand mobility at NASA's Langley Research Center in Virginia.

No offence, George Jetson. The expert favor words like streetable airplanes, hybrids aircrafts... or air taxi. He and his peers designed a simulation for a section of Silicon Valley leading from Oakland to San Jose, where air taxi cars could potentially achieve an over-benchmark of $1. 50 per kilometer travelled and reached an avarage cruising velocity of 63 to 122 miles per hour.

This corresponds to a tripling of the driving velocity in commuter traffic. You knew there would be a few ifes, didn't you? It is based on the idea of developing a new type of aeroplane propelled by electrically propelled turbopropes. DEP (Distributed Electrical Propulsion) is the focal point of NASA's LEAPTech initiatives and a number of business companies.

In order to achieve sufficient coverage, airplanes would have to use next-generation battery packs with at least twice the power densities currently available on the market - around 400 watt-hours per kg. NASA research proposes to place helicopter landing pads on the rooftops of more municipal structures, in the midst of motorway cloverleaves or even on swimming ships.

Scientists have estimated that there is room for at least 200 shamrock pads in the Silicon Valley area they are targeting. NASA studies showed that the heliports could be constructed to comply with FAA release limitations. In order to lower the cost, the airplane requires an airplane that can accommodate one pilots and one passengers.

The NASA says that this should account for more than 70 per cent of Uber's current travel. NASA's survey estimates that each air taxi would be in the air 1,500 times a year or about 30 times a week. However, the number of air taxi movements is still very small. When these next generations of planes are as quiet as today's planes or choppers, the concept won't work.

NASA says, however, that the engines for a DEP-powered vessel could be placed to generate audible interferences, resulting in a less unpleasantputputput. Over the next few years, NASA plans to construct an aircraft to experiment with DEP technologies, but the marketing of the approach will be entrusted to privately-held companies such as Joby Aviation, ESAero, Zee Aero, E-Copter and e-volo.

Speaking about the economics of the air taxi business paradigm, Moore said British Columbia's Helijet with its Vancouver-to-Victoria air taxi fleet was making a difference - and he said next-generation air taxi operators would "make a great deal of sense" in the busy Seattle area. NASA's research suggested that aircraft of a private nature would not save themselves in either fuel or less valuable aircraft life cycle costs, even if next-generation technology were expected to prevail.

However, governments and high-end clients would probably still be willing to spend hundred thousand of US dollar on the roadworthy airplanes designed by corporations such as Terrafugia, Moller International and AeroMobil. NASA Survey found that the combination air and surface velocity for a dual air taxi system provides a 3.0 to 3.6 fold increase over the Silicon Valley floor velocity at present, which is 21 to 34 milliph at peaks.

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