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Around the world flights

There are good reasons to use tickets around the world. Never before has it been easier, more flexible or more affordable to travel around the world thanks to Round the World tickets! Planing for a world flight. Select from our low-cost Multi-Stops and Top Routes or create your own around the world ticket.

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Thanks to our special flying expertise and our many years of flying experiences, we can help you safe your precious travel budget and make other interesting bookings for your world tour. Look below for an ideas of the great tours we can organize for you and to learn more about us, visit our page about us and why we like what we do.

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Become soaked & bronzed with our new Round The World outing! Now is your opportunity to start your trans-Siberian adventures! Booking now, paying later for this route with only a $199 down payment! Students and teens start at $2399! Make your Round The World adventures with us today!

Enjoy the splendour and sparkle of the world's top towns. Take the opportunity to step on the backs of celebrities of all kinds with our Star of the World tour through Asia, North America, Europe and the Middle East (who knows, maybe you'll hit genuine ones!)! Pupils and teens start at $2499 and all age groups start at $4299.

Make your Round The World adventures with us today! Journey to 9 towns around the world from just 2,500 Euros with our Neon Light & Starry Night pack! Start your adventures with a stopover in Sydney and make your way through San Francisco, Reykjavik, London, Dubai and more. This year, take your year-end holiday a little differently with our new Round The World outing!

Jumper days and Christmas fairs allow you to jump at Christmas fairs all over the world and fulfil your dreams of Santa's visit! Your route allows you to check most of your shopping cart locations. Perths scenic beach, Johannesburg liveaboards and the iconic Northern Lights of Iceland are all on this route and you will have your hand full of activity and your heart full of adventure!

Make your Round The World adventures today! On this entertaining itinerary you will be able to use both surface and aviation as well! Get on a rail with your Euro-rail passport and be between Madrid and Munich to discover parts of Europe on the way. You will be able to focus your foot on North America, Central America, Europe, the Middle East and Australia!

Make your Round The World adventures today! Collisions of culture and experience are waiting for you on this tour.

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