Air Taxi Jobs

Aerial Taxi Jobs

Air taxi pilot jobs / sightseeing / charter. Aerial taxi and charter pilots carry paying passengers on demand from one destination to another, as opposed to a schedule. Aerial taxi pilots, also known as charter pilots, fly a variety of different aircraft, flight schedules and flights. Which type of jobs are you most interested in? Learn how you can become a bush pilot flying for air taxis, hunting and fishing cabins and sightseeing operations.

Pilotsjobs - Airtaxi / Sightseeing / Chartering / Chartering

Aerial taxi and charters carry payin' travellers on demand from one location to another, as opposed to a timetable. In fact, the same air travel er can provide all of the above mentioned activities in order to maximise his revenue and flying times.

Air carriers offering air travel by air may also provide sight-seeing tours for individual passengers or groups using the same airline for both. Occasionally, the air traffic control or chartist pilot may also carry freight, stores, or food to isolated places, scrub storage, mines, or other places. A few flyers decide to work for an air taxi, a landline carrier, a rental, touring or inspection firm to set up the flying schedule while being remunerated for it.

Drivers who fly for an air taxi, a charters flight or a similar kind of companies may have to work long working times, as well as weekend and public holiday working times and for very little money. In a sluggish economy, the airline driver will make little or no money. There is also a professional licence and all necessary authorisations for the aeroplane model to be used.

A good social competence is prefered when working as an air trip or sight-seeing guidebook. Aerial taxi, charters, sight-seeing and air travel passengers must hold a professional pilot's licence and all other relevant qualifications appropriate to the aeroplane they will be flying. A lot of short-term flyers are employed for this work and the minimal flying period demanded by an employers can be up to 200h.

The majority of air taxi, charters, sight-seeing and air travel passengers are employed during the strongest tourist summers. Normally the flyer does not work at night, but he or she may have to work on weekend and public holiday. You can also be on call and have to go at short notice. What's that?

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