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Worldwide offers

Our specialties are flight bookings around the world and low cost, tailor made itineraries. Take a trip around the world and make the trip your own by adding Stop-Over. Oneworld Alliance offers a truly global network for business and leisure travelers. In contrast to popular opinion, the leading airline alliances (e.g.

One World, Star Alliance) do not offer any additional discounts on their published Around the World fares.

Worldwide fare management

Members of Passport Premiere members will be briefed on the best travel and ticketing destinations around the world. In contrast to common opinion, the major airlines (e.g. One World, Star Alliance) do not provide extra discount on their Around the World tariffs. Worldwide, however, you can achieve commercial and premium rebates by strategic definition of your home state.

Tariffs worldwide differ considerably depending on where the trip comes from. For example, a First class One World Four Continental Around the World from Australia currently buys a First class  ticket for $15,000. From the USA the same price can be up to 20% cheaper. Worldwide, rebates and cheaper prices can be obtained by choosing a source which is lower than the rate for world trips in your home state.

In Australia, our members are able to take full benefit of the lower price levels in the US and at the same time gain several value-added benefits by implementing our tailored strategy. SKYTAM also offers compelling travel options for European and US travellers. You can see that substantial cost reductions can be made if you make an early "positioning trip" from your home state to a state where Around the World rates are lower.

While there may be other media and premium rates, rebates or offers, few, if any, can compete with the comfort and expense efficiencies of buying an Around the World internationally priced off-shore bus fare. Another benefit for U.S. citizens who purchase Around the World off-shore ticketing and tariffs is the opportunity to include several First Division classes for home trips in supplement to the existing global segment.

Tickets prices are checked worldwide by the forwarding agent. Delivering expense reduction strategy to premier tier travellers for B & F fare sourcing is a time-consuming and detailed journey. This is why reservations around the world are reserved for members of Passport Premiere.

Travelling around the world can take several month, so the service goes beyond the mere purchasing of the first tickets. Common Around the World aircraft settlers are likely to encounter rubbing when trying to make changes with a different vehicle than the originally validation vehicle. The Around the World rates provide great value for those frequently traveling if your global itineraries require a visit to a least three to a maximum of six continents.

Around the World pilots can travel to up to 20 towns at a flat rate and thus reduce costs by up to 50% in comparison with the purchase of single flights. Seeking members value with their worldwide travel, but receiving Around the World Travelers & First Classic rebates through off-shore organization will not give rebate on the conveniences around the world businesses and firstclass travelers have come to expect.

Often how do policies around the world evolve? At the beginning of a new century, Around the World's B & I rates are expected to rise and hot spots will vary with frequencies. For example, British members were emboldened in January 2010 to purchase their Around the World First-Class Tickets from the United States because there was a $2,500 discount from the United States. However, when One World raised its U.S. tariff level in April 2010, the company's latest policy is to invest in selected Asia as well.

UK residents looking for First class Around the World ticketing are emboldened to start their travel routes from Israel, Jordan or South Africa, where rates are 20% lower than in the UK. Today's policy is likely to be outdated in a few month's time, which is why accessing our guide is so important for continuing the global operation and saving on premium ticketing.

The Circle Pacific Strategies for travellers between the USA and Australia! When traveling between Australia, New Zealand and North America and looking for peak economies with limitations imposed by large alliance arrangements, you can consider Circle Pacific B & F rates for peak economies. 5 March 2010 - Reduced rates around the world Wholesale / First-Class from the UK

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