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flights Find out the hints and tipps that make flight quicker, less expensive and more convenient. What time should you have your bag packed at the airport? Find out about these 10 airport optionsĀ at US airfields. What Italian airport is the best for your journey? Could you take prescription medication through airport security?

At which airport should you travel to Vietnam?

Low point of the airports serving Washington, D.C..

Flight travel in America's changing world

The journey from shore to shore now lasted only five and a half hour. Only a small proportion became repetitive travellers or "frequent flyers". "For a short time, the " concept of jets across the ocean became extremely trendy and respected, and a new type of traveller was created - the "jet set". Air carriers were not permitted to fix their own air rates, so they used in-flight conveniences and even classy uniform to draw customers in.

Increasing air traffic demand has led to stiff passenger rivalry. Air steward uniform developed from preservative and army uniform to colourful and classy uniform, which reflected the shifting societal beliefs of the sixties. To encourage travel to South America, Braniff Airlines commissioned the early seventies to develop a piece of aviation artwork for the U.S. based Alexander Calder.

Twenty mysteries of air traffic Only the professionals know it

Chart 1 of 21: We understand, flight is a problem, no matter in which direction you do it. Looking on never-ending, discount tickets to find the best offer, learning where to seat (or when to get to the airport), air travel can sometimes seem like aheadaches.

We' ve been consulting the professionals to find out what they are doing to make aviation less stressing, while learning some surprising tips (including a little-known fact about alcohol flying).

The need to stop cheaper air travel

Craig Murray says: "The earth cannot allow itself to give in to the contamination created by mass air-travel. Writer, television station and defender of democracy Craig Murray says it's finally over. Global air transport discharges slightly more pollutants into the air than the UK as a whole, and air transport discharges are increasing year-on-year.

Aviation is just far too inexpensive for the damages it causes and the natural resource it uses. With 30 pounds of Earth's resource, you can't do more harm to the Earth's climate than buy a Ryanair 30 pound travel to Barcelona. Spending this 30 on petrol for your petrol engine or charcoal and burning it in your yard won't get you anywhere near the harm your proportion of emission on this Ryanair ride will cause.

In Murray's words, one of the main reasons why air travel is so inexpensive is that aviation fuels are not subject to taxation on the assumption that the carrier would simply buy them elsewhere. Obviously, it is too complex to have different petrol tariffs in different states. However, the railways have to foot the full cost of paying taxes on gas.

Well, if it was just gasoline, we'd be flying it cheap in North America. Mr Noack also suspects that the much higher concentration of European towns and the smaller - as yet unused - airport have been a clear benefit for low-budget airlines. However, Europe's denser and nearer towns and cities could also make the railways compete, which they are not.

Acknowledging that " the charade and lust of railway privatization is also a large part of it. "Murray then closes: Earth cannot allow itself to give in to the contamination generated by heavy air traffic. It is necessary to stop the use of air masses for recreational purposes. I' m sceptical; the power densities of kerosene are quite high in comparison to what you get out of a single cell.

As Murray says: "There is no such thing as a right to spend a sun-drenched vacation on the Med-Dreck cheaply by air. "Of course not; he could move to the US and he could afford to travel the same route fivefold. However, he is not alone in the fact that it is necessary to put a stop to large-scale aviation.

Craig Murray says: "The earth cannot allow itself to give in to the contamination created by mass air tourism."

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