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Convenient English ::: Air travel :: Make flight reservations. Global Travel. Wherever possible, it is proposed that a traveller organise the journey either through a travel agent appointed by the university or through a provider chosen by the university. The use of an agent privileged by the university has many benefits. Conscious of the University's travel and refund rules, these agents will assist in the selection of airlines and hotel accommodation that meet the rules, accelerating the refund process.

Often these agents have privileged rights to discount and special prices that the university negotiates. A number of schools/departments with an internationally oriented orientation have often developed relations with certain privileged providers who already have an understanding of the procedures that this division favours when it comes to travel bookings for employees or undergraduates. Ask your division if such a procedure exists and how to make travel arrangements through these canals.

University has a number of contractually agreed and available ressources that can help make your travel preparations simpler, potentially less expensive and more secure than making a stand-alone reservation. You can find more information in the Arranging for Travel section of the Finance Gateway under Procurement Services. You can find information on air travel bookings, as well as the Fly America Act requirement (for government-funded programs), on the Air Travel Finance Gateway pages.

Convenient English ::: Air travel :: Booking (airline):: Dialog 2

You got a plane to Sydney next Tuesday afternoons? Reservation officer:âNordwind Airways, Good mornin'. Do you have a plane to Sydney next Tuesday afternoons? Reservation clerk:âA minute, please..... There´s a 16:45 and a 18:00. I' m Mary Jones: All right. Reservation clerk:âEconomy, Travel Agent Travel Agent Travel Agent Business Grade or First Grade A?

ECONOMY, please. Booking clerk:â¬That would be â¬346. <Mary Jones:âOK. >. Can I make a booking? Booking clerk:âSicher. May I have the 4:45, please? Booking Officer:âCan I have your name, please? Myriam Jones:âMein Name ist Mary Jones, that´s M-A-R-R-Y J-O-N-E-S. Booking Administrator:âHow would you like to make payment, Ms. Jones? If I can collect my tickets, can I make my payment at the check-in counter?

Thank you.

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