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The Pysanky (Ukrainian Easter Eggs) function. On the airport website I read that all sky cabins accept credit cards, this is not the case. Taxi driver is your opportunity to practice your negotiating skills. Sky-taxi & Sky Bus (kbp.


Getting from Kiev airport to the city centre

The way from Kiev airport to your accommodation can be an awesome intimidation. Arriving in Kiev Borispol, you will be bombed by taxi riders following you, a speech (and an alphabet!) from which you have probably seen very little and more mayhem. To simplify matters, this article deals with Kiev Borispol Airport (KBP).

The KBP is the most important Kiev international aerodrome. There' s another aerodrome, but it's pretty small and is protected by a P.O. box. But the way from Kiev International Airports to the centre of the town does not have to be a tortuous or stressing one. Having the home or accommodation addresses of your accommodation available when you arrive at Kiev International Airports is essential.

Kiev International has WLAN in some areas, but there is no warranty. When you first visit Ukraine, you probably don't have a mobile phonecard yet - so no information on your mobile at all. Quite openly, Kiev International Airports is really far away from the centre of the town. You' ll want to take the Sky taxi, otherwise don't take a taxi.

You will be bolted to the taxi rate itself, and who knows what you can get into. There'?s an officially registered taxi rank right outside the arrival gates. Bring this to the kerb and you will be escorted into one of the offical taxi services at the airports (usually Hyundais, whitish with gold border).

If you take an authorized taxi, you should reckon on paying about 400 UAH ($16 USD) to get from the international airports to the downtown area. Obviously, if you speak Russian (or maybe you have a nice little gal who is local), they can call you a taxi and it will be much less expensive.

So I have payed as little as 170 UAH ($7 USD) to get further than the centre of the city from the international airports. If you don't, take the Sky Taxi and be happy you did. The Sky Bus can take you from the airports either to the major trains or to the Charviska metro stop.

Central Railway Terminal links with the local line (Vokzalna) and Charviska with the local line. The Borispol is on the far right. You can see that if you take the line left, you still have to change if your accommodation is near the line right next to the city.

Honestly, the railway is really not that near the centre. Honestly, a cab is by far the simplest way to do it. Particularly for beginners to Kiev. Were you at Kiev International Park? What is the normal way to get to the centre of the town?

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