Airline Qs

Air carrier Qs

The company operates charter flights, mainly to leisure destinations, as well as wet and dry lease aircraft to other airlines. You can find a ticket and all the information about Travel Service Airlines. New SmartWings reviews and flights (with photos) Owing to delays at check-in, the ticket to pass inspection has been cancelled...

.. I and my girlfriend were beached at Antalya while our plane was late by two hour or more, I can't really recall the 18.6.9. when our connection to Prague went to London Gatwick, we were at the Boeing Gat, which seemed for ages and nobody told us nothing.

There was a dilemma with the aircraft we were going to be flying (the staff in Pardubice barely knew English and we had to hunt them around to get information about what was going to be happening to us and what the airline was going to do to get us to our destination).

So, yes, the delay is actual and on the way there we were retarded by an half hours, changing gate without informing anyone, and the entrance was retarded by an hours on the airplane itself. Except that the airfare in anticipation is a good value..... 26 August 2018 saw my confirmation of QS1141 flying from Iraklion to Prague (departure 16:50).

Long before the planned take-off of my plane, I reached the airfield, but found out that on my..... That way I purchased the first tickets that came back to Prague. I have never travelled with these companies and to be frank, I am very scared of flats.

There was a midnight ride, and I flew alone. From Prague to Las Palmas (Gran Canaria) the journey lasts 5hrs. The personnel were kind. I have just come back home (Flight 3Z7359 - Department 7:40, 2 September 2018) on the Smart Wings aircraft powered by Travel Service. Starting 90 min after the start of the mission, the pilots chose to ice their guests, warming them up with a 2 week holiday on a warm Mallorca.

Everyone on board had to put on everything they had to get warmer..... While I was a little worried about booking intelligent grand pianos after having read bad ratings, I shouldn't have. My booking was at a very good rate and includes luggage. Personnel on board the aircraft were kind and supportive.

It may not be the most luxury airline there is, but it's great..... From Prague I flew to Palma. and it was a codeshare game. There was a delay on the plane and no one's telling us why. Together with two kids, we had to spend more than an hours at the pier without receiving any information.

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