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On this page you will not find any information on why the local taxi service specialises in group transport. Taxicard is administered by the London Councils and operated by Computer Cab. Taxi Card Service Information ' Transport for all ' Accessible Transport in London

Financed by 32 London districts and the Mayor of London, the London Taxicard Scheme is designed to take handicapped and elderly persons with reduced mobility and difficulties using local means of transportation from doors to doors. Taxicard is managed by the London Councils and run by Computer Cab.

With your Taxi Card, you can make a certain number of subsidized trips in London taxi cabs. Give details of what your disabilities are, how you are hindered by unavailable transportation and what impact this has on your everyday lives. Possibly you will be asked a question about your disabilities and how they keep you from using local transportation as well as being watched while you are walking a certain range.

Should you believe that your request has been wrongly denied, please consult Transport for All to review the appeals procedure. In order to find out which claim forms you need, please go to this London Council website and click on your district. Now you can make an on-line taxi ticket reservation via the Computer Cab website or by phone:

Located in Scotland, the Taxi Card Call Center can be hard to reach. Please try to reserve your trips in advance in order to prevent disappointments. We will ask you for your taxi card number to verify your name, your address of origin and your name. Ask always for an offer, as it may be less expensive to make a reservation for a longer trip than to use your taxi card.

They can also stop a computer cab taxi on the road or at a taxi stand. Please ask your advice to let Taxicard know your needs. With an iPhone, you can make a journey in seconds using the ComCab application available at As soon as your journey is assigned to a taxi rider, you will receive an estimated ETA, and you can also see on the chart where the taxi is located and track its movement.

It also allows the user to create favorite address lists so they can make faster booking in the near term. Christine, a Transport for All fiduciary, makes almost all her taxi card reservations through the application. The " Tracking your Taxi " function is very popular with me because I no longer have to sit in the freezing temperatures and I can follow where my taxi is and where it can be outside on schedule.

The taxi should be at your selected pick-up point at the desired point in your journey. Please note that you are prepared to leave for your pick-up at the scheduled times to prevent delay and extra charges. When you think you were billed an unfair fee when you finished on schedule, but the counter showed a higher amount than the max fee for the run when getting into the taxi, call Transport for All.

On your name we can make a claim to Taxiicard. All your trip data is stored on your Taxi Card bankroll. Taxiicard provides a call waiting facility to inform you of the arrival of your taxi. If you get into the taxi, the taxi rider cancels your taxi card.

You can cover the entire range in one stroke depending on the season. You can work with a dual strike in some districts. That means that if you consume a pass of your taxi ticket, you can re-execute your ticket to resume your trip by using another of your taxi ticket journeys for the claim.

Unless you have a double wipe in your district, you can proceed your travel after consuming a ride, but you will be billed the usual taxi fares. In April 2011 there were changes in the fees and subventions of the Taxicard. When you book your taxi the previous morning, call thirty min before the estimated ETA to see if the taxi is on its way.

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