Boulevard Cab

Tabloid cabin

Show details - Seller icon - Jazzy Cab Co. Receive information, directions, products, services, phone numbers and reviews about Boulevard Taxi Leasing in Long Island City, NY. is a taxicabs business. Outside Petersburg, it belongs to a taxi company called Boulevard Cab. Second hand chassis and cab New Haven, CT | Boulevard Motors LLC.

401 N Old Church St. Petersburg, VA 23803

I wouldn't tell this firm to take my canine. He was very impolite and he was abominable. All the time the dispatchers put it in my face and got noisy behind me when I came to work too late. Didn' t you hear me? When the first chauffeur the dispatching officer put on duty said that my adress did not exists. Then the second chauffeur is on his way.

I' m so happy that my technician said that I can still collect my vehicle after closing it. We' re not gonna use that cabby any more. Use caution with this firm. Must be the biggest taxi business in the state. Phone after an hours and the traffic controller said the rider was on his way.

Well, he came in an hour later. The only reason this company's still open is because it's in Petersburg. The dispatcher was impolite! and they were still an hour overdue. The taxi guy was lying, saying he was in the car park for 10-minute. Impolite dispatchers...godless waiting times...taxis are old and beaten...drivers are usually crazy...this firm has me several delays...since I guess that, I've been waiting for one for over anhour, and in 30+ minute too early for work........

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