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December 14th 2016 Combined highlights: -- Every day new departures to Orlando, Florida; Minneapolis; and Orange County, California from its San Francisco hubs from 2017 - Services offered for purchase. December 21". of Virgin America (NYSE: ALK) today announces that it has completed the purchase of Virgin America (NASDAQ: VA).

Under the final treaty, which was finalized in April and cleared by Virgin America's stockholders in July, two of the country's most popular airlines will be united into a single entity that will offer an appealing option to the Big 4 airlines, which currently account for 84 per cent of the home airline population.

"Together we will provide more low fare airfare, more reward and more that our clients will enjoy as we continues to provide a unique travelling experiences. Although the two airlines look different, our key tasks in terms of clients and employees are very similar. Virgin America will soon have six fold more day trips than its current airline base.

"The two airlines have a long track record and we look forward to strengthening their innovation drive with their worldwide networks of partnerships. "Combining the two will expand the range of services and provide more frequently connected flights to major airlines in flourishing tech stores in the Bay Area, Los Angeles and Seattle.

Together, the airlines provide 289 day trips to 52 California locations, of which 113 are non-stop to 32 Bay Area airport locations and 105 are non-stop to 37 Los Angeles region airport locations. Starting in 2017, the airline also introduced new services from its San Francisco hubs to Orlando (daily), Minneapolis (twice daily) and Orange County, California (four days daily).

For a long while Alaska has been an industrial market leading company in terms of both client contentment and achievement. Clients can anticipate that operating and customer-focused excellence will persist during the Virgin America merger. In the J.D. Power 2016 Airline Statistics Study, the number one in the Wall Street Journal's yearly Middle Seat Scorecard, Alaska has been rated "Highest level of airline passenger experience in the traditional airline market, nine years in a row" for the past three years and voted by FlightStats as the number one most punctual large airline in the United States for six consecutive years.

Find out more about what the fusion means for clients at Each airline's top members will benefit from prioritized check-in and prioritized boarding on the other airline's flight. As a result, they can collect additional air miles as they fly with Alaska and one of Alaska's Global Partners to over 800 global targets.

The Alaska Global Partners Group accounts for 44 per cent of all U.S. and non-U.S. airfields - more than any of the three major airlines - and offers more than three of the global routes Virgin America frequently flies to. "This is the most customer-friendly fusion we've ever had, and we'll have to announce much more in the next few months.

Alaska' s award-winning Michelangelo Plan program: This is a quicker way to become an élite in comparison to other airlines' fidelity programmes, with advantages such as..: There have been no judgments regarding the Virgin America trademark. Part of Alaska's plan is to keep the Virgin America aircraft branded with its present name and products in operation for a certain amount of space of time while conducting comprehensive research to determine which leaflets are most appreciated.

Virgin America will remain flying under its trademark with no immediate changes to the products or experiences on board. "We' re delighted that our clients and staff are showing great interest in the Virgin America brand's future," said Tilden. At the beginning of next year, we are planning to make a final selection for the Virgin America name.

" "Our cultures have been a challenging part of many a merger, so we're working to make things different," said Ben Minicucci, Alaska' COO and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Virgin America. Mr. Peter Hunt, formerly Virgin America's senior VP and former Virgin America CFO, will act as Chairman of Virgin America's affiliate and report to Minicucci.

Minicucci and Hunt's aircraft are both in place today and will stay in force until the airlines receive a FAA operation certification in early 2018. Alaska' resellers can collect and spend mileage to more than 800 international destination with Alaska's truly comprehensive network of airlines. On board, clients are encouraged to make the most of their experience with conveniences such as plug sockets in each seating position, streamed enjoyment directly to their equipment, Wi-Fi and an inspiring choice of foods and beverages found on most airlifts.

Those forward-looking statements are subject to a number of uncertainties, including: the risk of achieving expected synergy effects and their sequential development; the risk associated with the interruption of the Virgin America and Virgin America management amalgamation; the impact of the amalgamation on Virgin America's capacity to hold and recruit core employees and sustain supplier and other third party relations; labour expenses and labour practices, general business condition, increase in operational expenses incurred as a result of the amalgamation, primarily fuels, increased operational expenses, failure to achieve targeted reductions in expenses, an air traffic incident, and changes in legislation and regulation.

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