Airplane Rental las Vegas

Aircraft rental Las Vegas

Flight training and aircraft rental in Las Vegas. Aeroplane rental and flying school for aeroplanes and helicopters. The Cactus Aviation - Flight trainings and aircraft rental in Las Vegas, FAA, Instructor Part 61

by the FAA. Created by aerospace enthousiasts and aerospace pros, we are dedicated to the arts and sciences of flying. With the founding of Cactus Aviation, our aim was not just to establish another flying academy, but to provide an enviroment in which our pupils can build their aeronautical abilities and enthusiasm.

Cactus Aviation is there for you, whether you want to become a commercial airline driver or simply have a good time and live your days from the heights. Others are involved in the operation of the company and are losing track of why a flying academy was established.

We strive to provide a secure and effective flying instruction for you. The Cactus Aviation, LLC is an authorized CSN (College of Southern Nevada) air travel education operator and FAA certified PSI/CATS test facility. Cactus Aviation, LLC is a certified CSN (College of Southern Nevada) air travel education operator.

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That'?s a terrific all-terrain plane! Terms of rental: - Do a pre-solo test, passing 85% or better. 100 hrs overall duration. 25 hrs of complicated work, 10 of which were in the last 6 month, and a successfull checkout. 10 double lessons with a DFC trainer and 25 full-stop take-offs and landings. 25 full-stop take-offs and take-offs.

Terms of rental: - Completing the preliminary test, passing 85% or better. 3 months unlimited*: 1 year unlimited*: Terms of rental: Rental the Touch Trainer Simulation - practice and refine your tool scanning. - Login up to 2.5 hrs for your private pilot evaluation, up to 10 hrs for your instruments evaluation. - 14/7 use of the simulation with unrestricted membership.

Up to 10 hrs planned simulation per months are possible. It' s cut at one number, so you never have to invest a second. You can allow more elapsed times with the approval of the boards.

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