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Display offers that differ from or in the vicinity. Display offers that differ from or in the vicinity. Fantastic flight offers to Europe this autumn There are no strict safeguards in the air fares industry, but this tendency seems clear: it might be the best period of this century to go to Europe. Look at the historic rates compared to today's eye-catching offers - available right now for trips - and I foresee you'll google "best places on the Seine" in no time at all.

If you look at the rates for different years, you will quickly see that 2018 is the best flight schedule, at least on these itineraries. They were all round trips for autumn trips and were found at the end of last weeks with Farecompare.com's Shop-by-Month/Shop-by-Season Getaway Map (there are similar tickets on other sites).

This was the best autumn offer available when it was found, but keep in mind that rates may have varied since then as the very cheap places are always bound. Might these 2016 tariffs have been a coincidence, perhaps abnormally high? Well, it doesn't look that way, but let's look at today's autumn rates and see how they were last year.

Prices seem to have fallen in 2017, but prices in late 2009 are still lower. OK, so the falling is one of the best periods to travel all year round - only the winters are cheap - but many choose Europe in the springs. Good tidings are that vernal coupons are cheap too.

These historic tariffs from 2014 and 2015 were promotional sales rates announced by various airline companies for sightseeing tours in March, April and May. These will be placed alongside the latest rates for the 2019 journey in early 2009. Sorry, but it's a little early to be buying tickets for summers right now. In 2008 I found a June Deal for Dallas to Zurich for $797; now you can buy a Dallas-Zurich pass for the June 2019 journey for $773.

Actually, you probably are paying less than that if you are waiting a few month because the carriers have not yet started to administer the season fares to you. Astonishing offers for Europe are currently available for autumn trips. Rick Seaney, CEO of FareCompare, is an inside man of the aviation sector and one of the most important aviation related publications.

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