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Does the movie "Flight" have a real history?

Now, whenever a really good script comes to your desktop, you have to do it, and that was the Flight scenario. MM: Was it influenced by real tales, or where are there items of reality that were incorporated into the film? This film is grounded on various events related to aircraft malfunction in recent years, but [there is] nothing on which it is grounded, it is a real tale.

One very similar incident was the Alaska Airline Flight 261 incident on 31 January 2000 with a McDonnell Douglas MD-83 airplane (in the movies it was MD-88): It took items from a real history, such as the reversed airplane that actually happened. Writer John Gatins stated in an 2012 Los Angeles Times newspaper broadcast that the tragic fictitious Flight fall was "loosely inspired" by the 2000 Alaska Airlines Flight 261 fall due to a cracked spindle.

There were no survivors left in this car. Flight, a twin-engine T-tail, seems to come from the same aircraft as Alaska Airlines 261, a version of the MD-80. There are many items that are elevated from the casualty into the movie, such as the cause of the casualty, wireless communications segment and the choice to reverse the aircraft.

Rummage in other issues with the day flights.

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