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Booking cheap flights to Europe. Twenty-three of Europe's least expensive towns and villages to be served in 2017. Many of us who start in the USA or Canada will visit several towns when we travel through Europe, so we have the luxuries of traveling to several different places. However, since the flight industry is evolving so fast, how do we know which city is the least expensive to travel to?

Until not too many years ago the lowest cost flights to Europe were almost always to the biggest and most congested airport in London, Frankfurt, Paris and Amsterdam, but things have change. Now, these are sometimes the most costly airport in Europe, so it is better for experienced travellers with multi-stop travel to start elsewhere.

Most of the world' cheap flights from the USA are to Latin America, but many of them are also the top European towns. We found the lowest rate for each test town, based on the 5 biggest towns in the USA (New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston and Atlanta), the biggest town in Canada (Toronto) at the beginning of June and the lowest rate in mid-July.

After that we calculated the average of the two tariffs and then the average of the tariffs in all 6 towns in the index number. Cheap flights to Europe from the USA come mainly from the eastern shore, as you can guess, but there are also many great offers from other areas. Of course, the ranking that starts in the different towns may differ from the overall ranking, but in general they are not far apart.

Somewhat surprising, only a few of the least expensive flights were non-stop, so almost everyone will switch exactly once in every sense across the Atlantic. New York's least expensive flights to Europe are often non-stop, but from most other destinations you will need to transfer to get an appropriate ticket.

Particularly since many of the least expensive towns are located below, the apparent policy is to keep the schedule below until you find one of the towns you want to visit. We hope you can find a cheap airline and use it as a turnstile to discover other towns by train or cheap airline.

Overall, the top-down price differentials in this checklist are not large enough to warrant a flight to one and then another return journey to your ultimate goal with a budget carrier, although in some cases it may be less than that. Atlanta's least costly flights are often oddly pricey because Delta has such a dominant position at this city.

In this year we have broken down the lists by cities so that it is easy to see that some of Europe' aerodromes have cheap arrivals from some places but not from others. The Dublin and Shannon aerodromes are on the opposite side of Ireland, and both are bustling Aer Lingus hub locations offering low cost flights, even to other mainland routes.

They are both similar in fare (Dublin is usually a little cheaper), so they are here used in combination. There are 4 main London regional airfields (plus London City Airport for short-haul flights) and the lowest transatlantic fare could be in each of them. but Gatwick is often a lot less expensive.

From our 2016 test, London had some very competitively priced fares for the first in several years. So if you want to begin your holiday in London, you should be able to get a pretty cheap plane this year. It is Scandinavian Airlines (also known as SAS) that runs the biggest of its three hub airports in Copenhagen, resulting in unexpectedly low fares, especially on its non-stop flights from New York, Chicago and Toronto.

The Charles de Gaulle airport is one of the biggest and best served airports in Europe and the most important Air France hubs. During our 2017 testing, we found some very competitively priced flights that depart from some locations (New York, Chicago and Toronto) but are more costly from others. Perhaps you will find that traveling to another town and then on to Paris is less costly unless you depart from New York or Toronto.

Good tidings for anyone who flies to Norway from the USA or Canada is that flights to Oslo from key US ports are oddly cheap. Of course, the nasty message is that certain things (food and drink) are quite pricey once you get there. Europe's fourth largest international destination, KLM's fourth largest non-stop international air terminal is KLM's primary international hubs.

Prices in 2017 are much lower than in 2016, so Amsterdam is again a good place for a bargain. Now the smaller of the two major hub cities of Alitalia, Milan, is usually less expensive than a flight to Rome, but if you are not planing to visit Milan, then the flight to Rome is probably even better.

Oddly enough, Alitalia itself never seems to have the best rates. By 2015, the town seems to have become more accessible for inbound flights, but mainly because Emirates crosses the ocean with cheap tariffs from some towns. It is Spain's most congested and Europe's fourth congested airports, but the home of Iberia Airline does not mean that it will always offer cheap non-stop transatlantic flights.

Slightly smaller and calmer than Madrid, Barcelona Airport has some transatlantic flights of its own. There are flights to Madrid from all the main European carriers and this year it is essentially at the same fare as flights to Madrid. Air Berlin's ascent and the greater attractiveness of the town itself make it somewhat less expensive than a flight to Frankfurt, which is particularly useful as Frankfurt is not really a touristic town.

The Tegel airport is usually the best for transatlantic flights, and Brandenburg Airport will be opened in 2017 or 2018 or 2019 to substitute the two previous airports. The Frankfurt airport is the third most frequented airport in the whole of Europe and thus by far the most frequented in Germany, and it is also the home of the global Lufthansa.

Nowadays transatlantic flights are slightly more expensive than flights to Berlin, although the town itself is not a big touristic centre, so think twice before you fly here. It is the home of Brussels Airlines, which operates non-stop flights to New York-JFK, and is also serviced by most of Europe's largest airlines, so tariffs are highly competitive. airline companies are also able to offer a wide range of services to their customers.

The home of LOT Polish Airlines is Warsaw, but it is hardly ever the best location for transatlantic flights. It used to be one of the cheap places to go to Europe, but since 2016 it has been in last place on our cheap schedule. Nordic Airlines has its second most important hubs from Arlanda Airport, so the rates are usually the lowest, but Bromma Airport is nearer the centre of town and its rates are usually only slightly higher.

Despite the greater distances, Istanbul once featured surprise low rates, but these good deals seem to be largely gone by 2017. There' another one in the Asiatic sub-urbs (SAW), but its cheap flights are usually close by. Italyýs biggest and Alitaliaýs home country is not known for cheap transatlantic flights, although it is still a good option for anyone who starts in Rome and travels on a major European trip to the south.

Lisbon is a pretty good travelling good deal once you get there, but the return flights are pretty costly now, unless you take off from Toronto. Zürich Airport is the main hubs of Swiss International Air Lines (also known as SWISS), and it is amazing that they provide relatively low fare on arrivals, even to many German cities.

Make sure that everything else in Zurich is unbelievably costly when you go through it. The Prague International Airports is the hubs of the Czech airlines, but only a few if one of the least costly transatlantic flights is operated by the Czech one. By 2013, when we gave the figures, this was in the top half of the ranking, but by 2017 it will be one of the most costly arrival destinations in Europe.

Often the best Budapest fare is the one in Moscow or Helsinki, but SWISS is not much more costly for a Zurich transfer and much less lost overtime. Munich International is more congested than Berlin, so it is actually Germany's number two for flights. Tariffs are usually a little more costly than other major cities in Germany, but it can still be most useful if Munich is part of your route.

Russia' domestic carrier - Aeroflot - was recently one of the lowest in Europe, but once again it is quite costly to travel to Moscow, although switching to another flight in Moscow can sometimes be a good deal. Of course, this is the centre of Aegean Airlines and Olympic Air, and hotel rates have dropped slightly, but inbound flights are rare deals.

Travelling through Greece together with some other Europeans, it is probably better to travel first to another country and then later on to Greece.

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