Hover Taxi Service

Taxi Hover Service

Driveless levitation taxi makes first conceptual trip in Dubai As Dubai has moved towards its objective of introducing a groundbreaking air-cushion taxi service, the Dubai government announced a successfull "concept flight" without passenger on Monday. According to the Dubai Road and Transport Authority (RTA), the security functions of the two-seater aerial taxi comprise contingency chutes and nine stand-alone batteries.

RTA provides that the Hover taxi will finally be incorporated into the city's current urban transit system consisting of subway, tram and bus. Travelers could reserve their "autonomous aerial taxi" and follow its arrivals and routes via an application. Dubai, with the Burj Khalifa, currently the highest turret in the Gulf, is a premier golf resort, drawing a 14 percent high.

The Dubai authorities said on Monday that they had tried out a China model of a self-propelled hovering taxi with the goal of bringing the aircraft into the UAE by July. The Dubai company introduced its first unmanned public transportation service and launched a one-month test phase for the electrical car in order to expand it in the Gulf States.

Dubai is already home to the largest sky-scraper in the whole wide range and has another big order to fulfil: The company wants 25 per cent of all journeys on its streets to be carried out with unmanned cars by 2030. Dubai's urban futurist state on Tuesday heralded an agreement with Los Angeles-based Hyperloop One to explore the possibility of constructing a link to the Emirati capitol Abu Dhabi.

Having taken Lamborghinis and Ferraris on road patrol, Dubai PD has registered a robot soldier, the first in a squad that is expected to make up a fourth of the armed forces by 2030. Tube networks that take travellers through a land at almost the velocity of sounds may seem like a sci-fi tube space, but in the already rather future-oriented Dubai it would exactly match.

Coming from the galley to the automobile, Amazon on Thursday tried to make its Alexa Digital Wizard and its on-line service a larger part of people's life with a range of new product and partnership opportunities.

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