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Ownership of a taxi company involves more than just transporting customers from one place to another. One-person taxi service can be profitable and successful. This guide to setting up a children's taxi service contains all the important information to help you decide whether this company is right for you.

Establishing a one-man taxi company

When you like to ride and want to be in business for yourself, a one-person taxi company may consider something. Ownership of a taxi company means more than just transporting clients from one place to another. Comprehension of all facets of ownership of a taxi company can help you to be successful on your own.

Buy the car that will be used as your taxi. Ask a technician to check the car for dependability and security. In accordance with Meter 101, counters are always necessary under German legislation if you run a company that calculates by unit, e.g. by the miles or by the minutes.

Place your logotype or the words taxi next to your business telephone number on the car. Verify this in accordance with your own regulations and those of your country and, if necessary or desirable, have a partition wall for persons fitted. Ensure the car is insured for professional use. Get the necessary business license and research all applicable laws for ownership of a taxi business in your area.

Ask the trade taxpayer's registry of your municipal council whether you have to declare turnover numbers every quarter or every year. Decide which geographical area your taxi business will cover. Using a card to highlight areas of use, place the card near the business telephone for ease of viewing.

Create and buy business card designs. Set tariffs and print booklets that contain your tariffs, operating times and geographical areas. Promote your taxi service in your own publication, seniors' centres, hospital and other places where taxis are needed. Engage an bookkeeper to take care of your bookkeeping needs and business withdrawals.

Example of a Taxi Business Plan - Executive Summary

Headquartered in San Francisco, CA, City Taxi is a San Francisco, CA-based business whose mission is to offer dependable, punctual and secure taxi service using full auto credentialing, auto direct debiting and computerized shipping. It will expand its footprint in the sector by purchasing an established taxi group, Mighty cab, a 12 year old privately held group.

Downtown Taxi offers full taxi service with state-of-the-art facilities and technologies to make the journey of individual travellers in and around San Francisco easier. Our product and service portfolio shows that we are an innovating, forward-thinking business that recognises the need to adapt to constantly evolving client needs.

For City Taxi, our corporate vision is a service oriented approach and the recognition that efficient communications are a core element in our business. It is also aware that in a highly competition-oriented business climate, our flexible and professional approach ensures our lead. Our staff and our driver are always ready to help, obliging and fully qualified in the operation of our computer scheduling system.

To provide additional security for the driver and passenger, the City Taxi Cabins are equipped with Global Positioning Systems (GPS), which make it possible to track or locate the cabins in an emergencies situation. The City Taxi cabins are neat, well serviced and checked periodically for security and comforts. Our corporate policy is to enhance our brand image and increase our footprint by making our business offer a sustainable option to our region's taxi service.

It is the company's long-term objective to be the top-rated San Francisco groundhandling operator. Its focus is on the shipping, wireless messaging and credit/debit cards industries for the taxi/drivers. Overall, these stores are expected to have a revenue growth of more than USD 119 million as of March 1999.

City Taxi will concentrate on the more profitable credit/debit cards market within these segments. City Taxi's competitors are Transportation, Inc. One of their shortcomings is that they do not have the credit/debit cards method of paying and some still use the wireless system. However, the business has a distinct edge because our technologies are unmatched in the San Francisco taxi business.

GPS will allow the business to offer punctual service by providing an exact ETA (estimated ETA). Customer comfort and confidentiality during the entire term of the transactions is provided by the credit/debit cards function. In this business, dependable communication is indispensable under all conditions. City Taxi will therefore use the KDT 5000 system.

It will also operate a state-of-the-art call centre set up by Rockwell International. Mighty Cab is looking for $2. 5 million of funding to finance the purchase of the Mighty Cab Association and its start-up businesses. Over the next two to five years, the company's objective is to be the top-rated groundhandling operator in the San Francisco Metro Area by continually tracking, assessing and tracking its customers' calls.

The main elements of City Taxi's original approach can be summarised as follows. It is currently working to build and expand a working partnership with Rockwell International. City Taxi will be able to integrate with the many different types of service they are offering, inclusive but not restricted to: City Taxi's aim is to deliver dependable, punctual and secure taxi service using full auto payment gateway, full auto payment gateway and computerized disposition.

The City Taxi has a uniquely designed Global Positioning System (GPS) that locates the closest taxi rider and allows the taxi rider to determine an exact ETA. Pay per credit/debit cards system. The system is the first of its kind in San Francisco and is comfortable for both the front seat passengers and the drivers, as the permit is issued immediately.

Patriot is in the course of registration as a brand. Downtown Taxi is already in late talks with TCI Media Service to offer promotional products and research. Our senior executives are extremely seasoned and skilled and have a wealth of sector expertise. It maintains and will maintain relations with companies that promote profitable business development.

For City Taxi, these collaborations are invaluable as they allow us to receive technological upgrades, additional technical assistance and a powerful footprint in the mall. Ayuntamiento Taxi has the exclusivity to the latest taxi delivery system in San Francisco.

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