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Lankan Airways Check-in

A SriLankan Airlines e-ticket is a qualified proof of booking a SriLankan Airlines flight. I'm checking the planes on the tarmac in Colombo. Lankan Airways - Sri Lanka Forum someone can help, we have been booking with Sri Lankan Airways as we have a 7kg bagace supplement which is just wondering what sizes bags they allow and they are really tough with the sizing. I' ve been looking at her website, but the height seems pretty small. Thanks in advance.


Hello Dizzy, yes, like many airline companies they also have stringent rules for this. Our wisdom is that they are NOT as big as the pocket until last year in use. However, they can be quite severe when it comes to weights, if it's over 7 kg, they can make you carry things to your check-in baggage, which causes some dominance in terms of place and cost....

Happy birthday, Hi Dizzy..... On my SriLankan Airlines experiences, they will allow the same sized pouch as BAA currently available through the safety at Heathrow, following this links for the precise measurements, it is quite large, but as Erik has said, very strictly on weigh! Sadly not very good links, try this and scroll down to the "hand luggage latest" thanks to Dave, really useful.

Hello Dizzy, I never had my carry-on baggage surveyed or weighted when SriLankan Airlines was in the air (although I never registered at Heathrow). You should, however, be ready to request that your carry-on baggage be registered (either at check-in or at the gate) if it is in excess of the permitted amount of 18 "x14 "x6" (46x36x20 cm) and 7 kg.

Hello again Dizzy..... Simply to say by someone who has check-in several time at Heathrow with SriLankan Airlines, there are the normal booths near the check-in counters, but..., they are adjusted to BAA's own carry-on luggage standard, so if they match, you can take them with you, the same booths are at the boarding gate, so the same thing goes there.....

However, as already mentioned, the body mass will be a big concern if it goes far beyond that, one or two kilos should not be a big deal, the ploy may be to lift the pocket with one or two fingers! Contributions that do not comply with our policies will be removed, and we retain the right to delete any contribution for any reasons.

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