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Sri Lankan Airlines Online Check-in

Self-check-in kiosks for a smooth and fast check-in at Bandaranaike International Airport. Sri Lankan Airlines Online Check-in Issues - Marawila Forum Did anyone have a problem with the online Cgeck-In site? I am travelling from Frankfurt to Srilanka (originally from Great Britain to Frankfurt first) I am searching online from Great Britain for the online check-in page, but the starting point does not show Frankfurt. I' ve tried to enter all the other detail, but it's not submitted without an outport.

Trying to enter a flight number that I knew was leaving Frankfurt today, but still no Frankafurt options.... Hello, if you can check in online from Frankfurt, it's a new thing. If I try to check in, I simply type "F" into the field Departures and a dropdown list will appear where I can choose Frankfurt (FRA).

Check and try again, please. Choose a departing aerodrome. Dropdown on this page does not contain Frankfurt.

Checking in the requests - Srilankan Airlines - Sri Lanka Forum

Hi, I chartered Sirlankan from Bangalore to Colombo and Colombo to Bangkok through a tour operator on 7 and 8 February. The airport requires you to present the credit voucher with which you purchased your e-ticket. They are not permitted to move if the above two requirements are not met.

" Personally, I sent an e-mail to the carrier, but they are not very useful and asked me to get in touch with my agency to see which map was used to buy the tickets. Given that the flight was arranged by the agency on my account, it is likely that it was arranged through their secured online transaction system.

Obviously I cannot show the cardholder used for the transactions. Personally, I have asked the carrier to provide me with a permit that I can present at check-in, but I am awaiting a reply. All I wanted to know was if anyone was having difficulty getting on a Sri Lankan Airlines ticket if they were not able to show him the name of the bank account used for the money.

As I know, Jet and Bangkok are much more agile in this respect and have not asked me to present the map. Thank you very much, Hi Sophie, only for booking directly on her website, not for booking with a tour operator (these are usually NOT made once with a cc, but by wire transfer).

Last year I bought a booking with them and actually had to show cc, but usually they go with agency reservations and then they never get asked for cc. Yes, as Erik says, this would only work if you had directly made a booking with SriLankan either on the net or by telephone, transaction through a tourist agency would not come under this heading, as SriLankan would not even know how you pay, either in money or by bank transfer....

Here is the answer I just got from the Sri Lankan airlines (copied below). There' s no way I can present these papers because they have been posted through a tourist agency, so I will follow your advise and just show up at the airports with the papers I have and hopefully, as you say, they should not ask for the map.

Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you for choosing Srilankan Airlines as your favorite tour operator. Undersigned compensation form. One copy of the cardholder's passport. This is a colour copy of both sides of the credit or debit cards used to buy the tickets. Remember that the back of the credit cards must be autographed as indicated on your credit cards.

Yours sincerely, b) Use of a third party non -group members payment slip. What??? How can they ask for something like this? It is quite alright for the fact that the directive was intended for them, but for a ticketing that is bought through a tourist agency - hmmmmmmmm......

The good word is that my agency has just verified that the ticket with which these cards were purchased is my own identity and that I can make it as a traveller at the airports if they ask.

I have written back to the Sri Lankan airlines and explained that I will always send the e-mail confirming my booking, which I have received from the agency, in order to do so. However, I accept that the Sri Lankan airlines were far from helping in this case and simply did more to cause bewilderment and needless anxiety.

Each e-mail I sent to their support team produced a different answer from another individual to the same query (e.g. get in touch with your agency, fill in all these questionnaires, reference our website...). Thank you again, you were very useful (which I definitely can't say from the Srilankan Airlines representatives who responded to my emails).

They both said the same thing about displaying the name of the credential used to pay at check-in. They ask you to conceal the three-digit number on the back of your plastic so that they have at least a small amount of anti-fraud!

@Sue: The system is great for what it's supposed to help humans who buy e-tickets directly from the carrier. They were and are NOT intended to be used by persons who buy e-tickets directly from them. In general (with some exemptions, as noted in answer #7) there is not even a major payment service provider participating in these, excluding regular wire transfer or even passengers who pay at the agency offices in real time.....

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