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A shuttle bus to/from the city centre of Rome. We will then calculate an estimate for your upcoming taxi ride in Rome based on the route profile and the valid taxi rate. Taxis include luggage and are designed for a maximum of four people. Roma Taxi Tariffs & Limousine Prices.

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This will give you a fairly good estimate of the price of a taxi trip (you specify the start and end points and the times of either morning or night). For example, I'm a little outside the flatrate zone in San Lorenzo and if I take a taxi between the Bundeskartellamt and here it usually cost about 55 Euro.

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Fiumicino Rome Airport Taxi Tariffs

Roman taxis from Rome to Rome are charged at 48 euros by the Roman taxis from Rome Centre of Rome to Rome Walls. Prices include luggage and are for up to four persons in both directions: Rome City and Rome City to Rome and Rome to Rome and Rome to Rome and Rome airports.

Rom Municipalities, Rome airports, having taxi from Rome International Airports to the city walls in 48 euros. Prices include luggage and are for up to four persons in both directions: Rome City and Rome City to Rome and Rome to Rome airports flights.

Much less interesting than the one from Ciampino to Rome (30 Euro). The most important thing is that before boarding a taxi, it is recommended that the passenger verify the origins (Rome or Fiumicino) of the taxi service, because the taxi rate established by the Municipality of Fiumicino to get to the walls of the River Fium (the historic centre of Rome) is 60 euros, much higher than the rates established by the Roman authorities.

Therefore take a taxi from the city of Rome. If your goal is outside the walls of Aurelia (Mura Aureliane: the historical centre of Rome), the cost of the journey will be measured. Plus, the prize can easily be up to 60 Euro. Rome taxi vehicles vary in size, there are large ones (such as limousines and limousines), but many are small, and in any case more suitable for a businessman who is travelling with 1 bag and 1 briefcase rather than the hostal on holiday.

So, even if you are two, but if you have more than two large bags, a taxi might be a poor one. It is a good option to reserve a shuttle bus in front of the school. Firstly, we have agreed on a very reasonable rate, which is between 45 and 70 euros according to the number of persons and the amount of baggage.

It is a fix rate, less expensive than a taxi and applies to all of Rome (even outside the walls of Aurelia), no hidrates.

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