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Excellent helicopter tours in North Myrtle Beach. New North Myrtle Beach's newest family attraction! New North Myrtle Beach's newest addition to the North Myrtle Beach team! Looking for Myrtle Beach Hlicopter Rides? For over a dozen years we have been offering North Myrtle Beach holidaymakers the chance to enjoy North Myrtle Beach families by chopper!

North Myrtle Beach is 750 feet above sea level and you'll see it from a spectacular angle that few can see!

No matter whether you're just looking to make your holiday a fun one for the whole year, or whether you're looking for the best North Myrtle Beach for the first time, there's no better way to make it an unforgettable holiday than to see the sea from a bird's perspective on one of our stunning chopper trips!

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Whilst boats and jetliners are good for long journeys, a trip to the continent or a hops trip in the city centre often demands something so luxury but faster. Here come into play executive helicopters. Due to their manoeuvrability and small dimensions, these planes can take travellers quickly and comfortably to places that would otherwise be inaccessible or inconvenient.

Featuring large staterooms fitted with vibrating controls, seating amusement suites and soft furniture, these 10 helicopters offer the well-to-do passenger the ultimate in comfort.

Dan "Chopper Dan" Sweazen has been president and chief pilot of the helicopter since 1975.

Dan "Chopper Dan" Sweazen has been president and chief pilot of the Chopper Dan since 1975. More than 15,000 accident-free operating hours in all. Executives have vast expertise in the provision of chopper service for ENG/Electronic News Geathering, Motion Pictures, Commercials, Air Taxi, Microwave Uplink/Downlink and race photography such as NASCAR, CART and IRL.

Adding to our FREE high definition imaging system, your pipelines are monitored by our free high definition cameras, allowing you to have an analogue and digital (SDHD) copy of your pipelines for further verification in your office or for distribution by your organization. According to their length, these data sets can be loaded onto our drop box so that you can easily upload and upload the file and easily upload and upload it so that you can easily upload and upload your videos.

We recommend that only one co-driver be taken on the boat, as the back seats do not have a clear line of sight of the pipe. A small fee may be charged for processing, conversion and upload of the file to the DropBox because it will take twice as long as the real trip.

The TV loans included The American Experience "Into the Deep", "Life Changing Medicine" on Discovery, "Blood and Oil" on Discovery In Pittsburgh, PA We have been CBS/KDKA TV-2 "News Chopper 2" for over 22 years. The 36" Wescam film camera system used for the UPMC Commercial and Guardian TV Show.

Our two airplanes are fitted with the Airfilm Cineflex G1V2 cradle. We also have a FLIR 6000 Nucleus Gastro stabilised infrared system that can be used for both law enforcement and steam plant heat investigations, building heat losses and natural gas pipeline leakage.

Reduced prices for the latest Cineflex high definition gyros. Parcels contain operators, HP deck and helicopter uptime. Executives strive not only to spoil you and your customers, but also your household and your wallet in these difficult years. There are also very inexpensive production kits available, suitable for everything from the biggest Hollywood movie to the smaller local video recordings.

The Executive can provide this because we are nearer to what you need. Our per hour rate includes the pilot and the fuel as well as the addition of insurance to our manufacturing policies if necessary for little or no supplement! As we do not have to pay out tens of millions for unusual advertisements and complex websites, we share these cost reductions with you, our expertise, our image and our countless credentials do the "advertising" for us.

With the helicopter it is possible to perform on several courts on the same playing field. In our headquarters outside the city limits in Etna, PA, we are strategically situated outside the Steelers and Pirates Sporting Temporary Flight Restriction Area " TFR ". When we shoot feature films or video clips, we can also provide short-term free shooting area.

News In additon to our dependable Bell 206 Jet Ranger, we have added a single pilot with 7 seats IFR Bell 206L1. We are offering helicopter tours!!! Half an an hour for 2 people in our Bell Jet Ranger costs $650. $950 for 00 in bar and for up to 5 pax in our Bell Long Ranger.

The Executive is conveniently situated in our helicopter port and office/warehouse/hangar, just 5 minutes from downtown Pittsburgh off Route 28. Due to the many years of management expertise, we can also assist in the consulting and conception of a heli stop and heli port for private, city and commercial use. We took part in the HAI Heli Expo 2013 in Las Vegas, where we visited the Bell Helicopters 429.

We do not, however, provide heavy-lift carriers, but can cooperate with other providers.

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