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A private or corporate helicopter is practical, environmentally friendly and an ultimate status symbol. These VVIPs today require more than just an everyday private helicopter. Ten luxurious helicopters you didn't know existed. The majority of us have already known about private and charters planes, but deluxe choppers are the true jewels. These planes are not only cheaper, but choppers can also fly to places where unwieldy planes cannot.

A private or company chopper is practical, greener and an ultimative icon of state. There are 10 deluxe choppers here you probably didn't even know you had.

Not only is this deluxe chopper classy, it also has an excellent power output. Featuring top quality sound reinforcement equipment, individual wardrobes for bars and snacks, sat telite telephones and dedicated workspaces, the car is so luxuriously equipped. Sikorsky' s S-76C++ has two turbo-wave motors and a super-light design. Sikorsky' s characteristic quiet zone design allows the passenger to drive comfortably, while the aircraft's elite seat layout accommodates up to eight persons.

If you are looking for a more spacious luxurious helicopter, the Sikorsky S-92 is often the right choice. There is space for 10 people, a well-designed toilet, kitchen and closets and a relatively tranquil cab. President and Head of State of more than ten nations around the globe have selected the Sikorsky S-92 as their formal means of transport because of its great security functions and space.

Bell's 525, also known as the Relentless, is one of the company's premium mid-range luxurious helidecks. Designed to accommodate up to 20 people, this trip is designed for optimum security. Inside, the cab is like a high-end on-board compartment with soft top cushions and a contemporary look. AgustaWestland's AW101 is the first luxurious AgustaWestland Executive aircraft and its cab is the biggest in its category.

With room for up to 24 people, this chopper is both broad and high enough for easy walking. The special aircraft has been extensively tried and found to be secure and resistant in all kinds of environment, from Antarctica to the Arctic. The AgustaWestland AW609's most remarkable and appealing feature is its capability to both take off and landing vertical, allowing it to travel to a variety of destinations.

The luxurious chopper also travels twice further and quicker than other helicopters in its category, reaches cruising speed of 316 mbph and reaches a cruising distance of 860 mile. AW609''s fluffy stateroom offers VIP-level convenience and convenience, with room for 6 or 9 guests, according to the accommodation option selected.

The Eurocopter EC135 is a combination of first-class technology and the styling of a legendary boutique. Designed by Eurocopter and Hermès, this luxurious model is the product of a collaborative effort between Eurocopter and Hermès designers and is decade old. Hermè's characteristic materials, calfskin banquets and seat furniture and buttery-soft leathers make this rotary wing the embodiment of elegance.

Concealed shelves, side door and concealed brackets maximise the floor space of the cab. There is a glazed dividing wall to create private space by dividing the chopper dashboard from the cab. This chopper's manoeuvrability and sturdiness is unsurpassed, and stylistically it doesn't get much better. Offering a range of seat configuration options, the CE145 from Microcopter is engineered for maximum convenience.

There is a roomy, tranquil cab with strong isolation and a floor covering that absorbs vibration. The EC145 luxurious chopper is equipped with a variety of security and flying characteristics as well as conveniences that make every single trip more enjoyable. Climate control, an interactivity card, a 30-hour sound card with six SD card slot, Blu-ray players, XM satelite radios and a 10.2-inch widescreen display are just some of the entertaining highlights of this drive.

Eurocopter's EC145 can carry up to 9 persons and is one of the best in its field. 10 million dollars is not what most folks would consider a cheap trip, but the Airbus H155 comes in this group. Although it has a relatively low cost, this luxurious chopper still has world-class amenities, style and security.

It is available in different seat configurations and can accommodate between 8 and 12 occupants together with 2 pilot. There is a wide range of on-board amenities in place, in particular climate control, comfortable cabins and comfortable upholstery. The Airbus H215 Super Puma, formerly known as AS332, is a brillant blend of power and sophistication.

Reaching top speed of 252 km/h, with a reach of 841 km, this is the luxurious chopper you can choose if you need a great deal of room and comfort. The H215 Super Puma not only accommodates up to 19 guests, but can also be equipped with a full bath, galley, lounge and a variety of entertaining facilities.

It'?s like having a full cubicle in a helicopter. Airbus H225 Super Puma is the crème de la crème of helidecks. It' s suited for almost any use you can think of, and although it' s a little slow than other attractions in its category, the H225 has enough functions to compensate for it.

It' s a very comfy cab and the possibilities for adjustment are apparently infinite.

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