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Lankan Airways Ticket

Please see flight schedule, status and free baggage allowance of Sri Lankan Airlines. Name of Sri Lanka Airways at Ticket Error - Air Travel Forum Hello everybody, I recently purchased 2 round-trip airline ticket from Abu Dhabi to Colombo with Sri Lanka Airways. Receiving the verification email, I realized that my friend ticket said, 'Turner Turner Turner', his name is 'James Turner'. I' m 99% sure that I didn't make this error and immediately sent an email to Sri Lanka Airways.

Chances are good that this was a mistake, I'm sorry one way or the other, unless you can proof that you did it right, then you have no point since it will be an automatic system whose end. Since nothing was registered, my cash is due to a date input mistake. All I think you need to do is just get the 200-odd more the carrier wants..........

HI, I concur with the others that I think the *odds* here prefer a bug in the users' system and not a bug on a part of the overall system under Sri Lanka's control. Well, what I can see is her proposal to reimburse the mistake ticket.... If there is no applicable domestic legislation, or if the conditions of the ticket stipulate a free of charge reimbursement, it may sound as if they have gone beyond what they require in this case.

I would do it earlier rather than later and stop hesitating, the fare could rise again or the carrier could interrupt the quote if you make a direct booking with the carrier, then what you enter is what you get. Well, I think Sri Lanka's proposal is very equitable.

Others would respond differently (change charge or complete loss). Go get yourself a new ticket.

Lankan Airlines....worst carrier ever - Sri Lanka Forum

A few months ago I had had the most terrible travel experiences with the Sri Lankan Airlines and wanted to divide them with those who were considering flying with them. First, I will be sharing the good experiences with the trip to Sri Lanka, our plane back was a real bad dream. My 2 year old and my friends went from Paris to Colombo over the holiday season.

One of the restrooms didn't work. and it was a one-and-a-half hour ride from Colombo to Heathrow, and it was a no-dream. and the airplane was even older than the one we were in before. There are no beverages, no refreshments that will be delivered after 7hrs.

Had to go to the tail of the airplane and ask for gravy and she could give me something. Also, I saw a serving trays full of different kinds of fruit liquids standing on the edge waiting to be serviced that was not serviced until 4hrs later ( which we declined to eat as the OJ had sat out). They eventually serviced us the next food and lesson before we arrived at Heathrow.

And when we got there, we were starving and exhausted from a hell of a ride. There was a connection with a different carrier in Rome which I had missed and which caused me a great deal of expense. Had you been travelling with 2 different ticket numbers, this would have been the case with all carriers.

Failure to make a reservation is not the fault of either one. Yes, at some point the carriers come too late, that' normally, they are planes and can break at any moment, it can be a new aircraft, but you are still at great risks, so we as travellers should be expecting this kind of delay, but I am hopeful that Srilananan carriers will manage their passenger better than any other carrier, we should not be disturbed just because of one person, Best Crew on twelve trips with two children per trip per year, Best crew on twelve trips with two children per trip per year, but you are still at great risks.

Like the Lankan tribe, Srilankan Airlines is "amazing". I' m consistent with the most horrible airlines day ever. I' ve just come back from a complete bad dream in Sri Lanka. Don't complain about the plane because we weren't allowed aboard! From Colombo I flew to Singapore with the Sri Lanka carrier and in the late afternoon I had a running bus ticket to Australia with another one.

On the previous evening we had visited the website of the Sri Lankan Airlines and allocated places via "Manage my bookings". Arriving at the check-in desk, we were informed that my husband's ticket had been re-issued for Chennai, although I was also in the same reservation.

For 9 hrs we were detained in a room without even an offering of fresh soap. Eventually we were accompanied to their London based office which was equipped with WLAN so we could make "our own" agreement about an obviously missing plane (business glass) Singapore/Gold Coastline.

There was a lady who asked us to go rude because the lounges were only for businessmen and 1. class passengers. We were pushed on an Emirates plane to Singapore after another 2 hours in a small room. As it was a vacation period, all flights were really full and after an unplanned trip to Singapore we were able to buy places on Qantas for $1500 each.

There is no possibility of taking out cover as the Sri Lanka carrier will not give us the required confirmation to confirm their account. I and my husbands are traveling 3 to 4 time a year with different companies for bussines and spare time. Sri Lankan Airways is the poorest company we have ever used. From Toronto we flew with Air Canada with a Sri Lankan carrier from London Heathrow to Colombo, Sri Lanka.

We were shocked to hear from the SLA delegate after a 9 hour over New Ark trip that we had no reservations on the trip because Aircanada had canceled our trip. There was a ticket and our agency confirming that we were actually book with verified numbers.

This was a shocking moment for us because this is the first occasion that we have been refused certified reservations. After about anhour and several violent debates they found us two places near the washroom, quite stinking and there we stayed several ours in Colombo.

By the time we got to Colombo, we were impolite in shock when we found out that my wife's pocket had not been received and had been accidentally sent to Mumbai. Everyone has their opinions about airline companies, not necessarily positively. Being Sri Lanka I have gained good and bad impressions with some of the world's most innovative carriers like Emirates, Qatar & Cathay, but it is all part of your flight impression.

Usually there are one or two members of the flight crews at the rear of the aircraft! However, you can always go to both galleys on the airplane and enjoy any food and drinks you like, this is what Sri Lanka calls "hospitality". Usually there are one or two members of the flight crews at the rear of the aircraft!

However, you can always go to both galleys on the airplane and enjoy any food and drinks you like, this is what Sri Lanka calls "hospitality". As I see it, the only good response to this dysfunctional carrier comes from Colombo, Sri Lanka. And yes, I have traveled with many low cost carriers and accepted the fact that "you get what you buy for".

Despite many e-mails to Sri Lankan airline companies, I am still awaiting an answer regarding the things they did to me in January. I have not had any trouble with Sri Lanka airline companies. I have used other carriers in the past and found that the aircraft are much newer, but that is from London to their base in the Midwest, from there to Colombo is a switch to an older, much narrower aircraft.

I' d rather be paying a little more for a one-way outfit.

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