Macbook Pro 3.1

Apple Macbook Pro 3.1

Mid/Late 2007 Family, 2.4GHz*, ID, MacBookPro3.1.

Overhauled 13.3-inch MacBook Pro 3.1GHz Dual-Core Intel i5 Core with Retina Screen - Space Gray

Powerful and powerful microprocessors. Featuring seventh-generation Intel Core CPUs, MacBook Pro offers stunning computing experience with Turbo Boost speeds up to 4.1GHz. You can move quickly - even when you're performing professional tasks like making 3-D renderings and coding videos. MacBook Pro comes with 10-bit HPVC accelerated graphics card technology that lets you take full advantage of the enhanced 4K graphics capabilities and streamed computing capabilities of high sierra.

The Touch Bar and Touch ID. Replacing the feature keys that were on top of your keypad for a long time, the Touch Bar offers something much more powerful and flexible. Everything changes instantly depending on what you do to show you what you already know about your favorite editing software - system control such as loudness and magnitude, interactivity to customize or search your contents, smart classification capabilities such as e-moji and text prediction, and more.

Striking graphic power. Each 13-inch models has built-in high-performance 64MB DRAM memory for faster graphic work. Retinal indication. Lightest and most colourful Mac laptop screen ever. MacBook Pro's screen is the best in a Mac laptop. Featuring brilliant high-brightness backlit LEDs and a high conversion rate, it delivers rich black tones and brilliant white.

As a result, you get more lifelike images with lifelike detail - vital for graphics creation, colour correction and processing. Combining ultra-high bandwith with the extreme flexibility of the USB-C industrial benchmark, THUNDBOLT 3 is a state-of-the-art all-rounder. Integrating communications, charge and signal outputs into a unified connection, it delivers up to 40 Gb/s performance for twice the bandwith of our 2 Series products.

MacBook Pro comes in both four-port and four-size versions, so you can do it all from both sides. Interact with MacBook Pro for a seamless user Experience. Featuring our second-generation Schmetterling action, the keypad offers four-fold greater button strength than a conventional scissors action, along with greater convenience and reactivity.

The roomy Force Touch turntable gives your finger ample room for gestures and clicks. Loudspeakers are directly powered by the system voltage, allowing for higher gain peaks. MacBook Pro is the ideal companion for shuffling a song on the go, working on videos in the field, or watching a film on the go.

The MacBook Pro combines more power in a sleek package with all-day power for up to 10hrs on 13-inch and 15-inch batteries.

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