Latest tweets from iBooks (@iBooks). Here you will find classic books, best sellers, young writers and even audio books - to be downloaded and enjoyed. Here you will find classic titles, best sellers, young writers and even audio novels to listen to and listen to. - Discover an unbelievable range of textbooks and audio textbooks from all categories, covering literary works, non-fiction, mystery, thriller, romantic ism, children's literature, cookery and more. - Browse the bookstore to find the most exciting new publications, drafted curations and exclusives.

  • Check out the Audio Book section to find great audio textbooks that will be enjoyed by your favourite writers and VIPs. - Preview a book while browsing and downloading free sample - sometimes before it's available somewhere else. - Return to the book you are currently reviewing and get great advice on the reading now page.
  • Next to the new Want to Reader range, include additional reading and audio-book items. - Use Auto-Night to surf the bookshop or enjoy reading in your bedroom without awakening anyone. - Organise your libraries with your own unique set of libraries - even see a time line of ready to go or download to your machine.
  • Find a keyword, sign or expression anywhere in your diary with built-in searching. - Turn on the Auto-Night feature to make your browsing experience more enjoyable. - Move continually through the pages instead of turning pages by activating the scroll screen. - Listen to the words on a page pronounced when using iPad, iPhone and iPod accessible feature rich text guides.
  • The bookstore is available in many different nationalities. Available volumes vary from state to state.
  • The addition of textbooks and pdf files from outside the bookshop to the Book application will require them to be DRM-free. - Some PDF files may not be book-friendly. - Reader Now is your own portable bedside table that makes it simple for you to get back to your current readings and get great advice on what to next of all.
  • The new bookstore makes it easier for you to find your next favourite novel - see what's new and loved by our writers every month, or rummage through our selected list of recommended works. - Next to the new Want to Reader range, include additional reading and audio resources. - Organise your libraries with more versatile libraries to suit your needs - even see a time line of your completed volumes or the volumes you download to your machine.

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