Heavy Private Jets

Heavier private jets

A heavy jet offers greater range and more room than its lighter, smaller colleagues when it comes to choosing your private jet charter. Small selection of aircraft of the category "Heavy Jet":....

A heavy private jet for comfortable private flights over long distances. Enjoy the comfort only found in our larger aircraft class, such as a heavy jet. Please click here to explore our fleet and book a flight on a heavy private jet!


A heavy aircraft provides greater cruising distance and more room than its smaller, easier colleagues when it comes to selecting your private aircraft charters. Heavy ultra-long cruising jets are also available for V.I.P. aircraft charters, offering the ultimate in luxuries without entering exclusive airline territories. The Heavy Jets are luxurious private jets and profit from a lot of luggage and passengers room as well as the possibility to get up directly in their cabin and enjoying lying areas, closed bathroom and a cabin crew who takes good care of your wishes and needs on boards of these luxurious aircraft.

Heavy jets such as the Embraer Legacy 650, the Bombardier Challenger 604 and the Gulfstream GIV, as well as the Gulfstream G550, the Bombardier Global 6000 and the Dassault Falcon 7X, which have a very long reach, are just a few of the heavy jets. Please enquire below for a variety of our service for executives. Let us know your needs and one of our charters specialists will make you an offer.

Heavier Jets

The Heavy Jets are private jets of the king-size type and offer space for 12 to 14 people. Intermcontinental travel without refueling stopovers is thus possible. Each cabin has a headroom of up to 1.9 meters and VIP dates that are at least equivalent to first-class flights on regular routes. Of course there is also a large laundry room with WC and more than enough space for your baggage.

Small choice of aircrafts of the Heavy Jets category:

Private heavy jet aircraft

Heavier jets are known as comfort business jets that offer optimal power and luxury conveniences for long-haul flying. Big private jets can fly farther and farther and faster than medium jets, with 530 km/h mean cruise speed and 4,000 mile non-stop ranges.

Moreover, large private jets are still sufficiently small to fly from an airport that is inaccessible to many large carriers and offer a higher standard of luxurious service than smaller privatejets. Conveniences on board large private jets often comprise a complete private toilet, outside luggage racks, hi-fi system, TV, VCR, satellite telephone, facsimile and a complete van.

Furthermore, private cabin crew can improve your on-board viewing with greater convenience and security and also help with food service and entertaining.

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