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Annapolis Taxi Cab Service is a punctual, reliable taxi service serving the Annapolis region. The Yellow Cab serves all cities north of Texas. No additional charges for additional passengers, tolls or fuel.

Services: Mesa, AZ Yellow Cab Arizona.

The Mesa has many rides that make it a great place to stay or explore. There are also several musea and archeological places to be visited, such as the ruins of Mesa Grande. But if you've recently flown into the area and don't have a rented vehicle, you may have difficulty getting to these intriguing places.

Don't be afraid - the Yellow cab crew has you under control. Our taxi rides are quick and dependable in Mesa, AZ and elsewhere in the Phoenix and Tucson areas. If you need to go traveling, you can count on our staff to offer excellent customer support. Please call us at 480-888-888888 for taxi calls and at 602-454-7433 for groupage, limousine and limousine transportations.

We would be pleased to help you reach our taxi service in Mesa, AZ.

The Boro Taxis

It' s a New York City icon, the amber cab. New Boro Taxi Programme of the Taxi & Limousine Commission (also known as the Road Livery Programme) has licenced thousand of Boro taxis to service areas of New York that are not usually serviced by gold locket cabs. Boro Taxi's aim is to increase accessibility to road haulage in the five districts - especially for disabled individuals and those living or staying in areas of New York City that were previously undersupplied by the yellowness of the taxi business.

A Boro taxi driver can collect a passenger from the road in Manhattan Airport just off the streets of Bronx, Queens (except airports), Brooklyn and Staten Island and drops them off anywhere in the city. Every truck is connected to a Boro -Taxi programme and can still take part in pre-arranged tours.

A Boro taxi driver can be seconded to collect you from the north of Manhattan, the Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn and Staten Island as well as Manhattan Airport, but is not permitted to collect you from the restricted area of Manhattan, either prearranged or by road. The Boro taxis have a number of characteristics that make them easily identifiable.

Similar to yellows, Boro cabs are consistent in colour (apple green), have a debit/credit cardholder, a counter, a skylight and a video or wall divider. A Boro taxi's measured fares are the same as those for yellows. The Boro taxi is fitted with satellite tracking systems to facilitate the search for your belongings and to ensure our regulations are followed.

The TLC checks these cars twice a year for security and taxi gear. Use our on-line Basic Locator Card to find a Street Hail Livery location near you. Would you like to congratulate a Boro taxi rider or file a claim?

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